Saturday, December 5, 2009

Quick glance on Oto x Maho chapter 12

Well, I had a little of free time today, so I had a quick read on this chapter. It was not a battle chapter as I had expected. As the result of the battle in chapter 11, Yori was heavily injured and got hospitalized, so she is currently unable to fight. After that, it was normal until the end of the chapter. According to what I've read, it seems that new enemies have appeared, and they are far stronger than the Noise that the Tuners have been dealing with. These "Noise" looks like weak Noise at the first glance, but their power is clearly at a very different level (far stronger than strong Noise in the previous chapters). Furthermore, it seems they are organized and their targets are Tuners. Kana-tan will most likely be attacked in the next chapter, and it appears that it will be a battle chapter. Maybe a chance for a second series with Nanoha style?

Friday, December 4, 2009

Mayochiki! ~Mayoeru shitsuji to chikin na ore to~

Well, it was pretty amusing today when Yukira sent me a picture about this new novel. Right now I have no clue about its content or plot, but the thing that made me curious about is the artwork.

Take a good look at the pictures above? Is it somewhat familiar with you? If so, then you have probably played Baldr Series. Yep. The character designer, without a doubt, is Kikuchi Seiji. I realized the art immediately because nobody beside him has this kind of style (the face, eyes and the arms of the characters).

Here is what I took from the Japanese wikipedia :文庫Jライトノベル新人賞

According to wiki, it claims that the novel has been given the Rookie of Year award by Mediafactory, and the author's name is Asano Hajime, which means "the beginning of the morning". This name is very new to me, and I hope someone will upload the raw somewhere so I can read the novel. :)