Saturday, June 26, 2010

Baldr Sky Dive X new update (25/6)

A list of products has been announced. The game is scheduled to be on sale on 24th September. Asides from that, here are some stuff :
- Baldr Art Collection (All Baldr artwork by Kikuchi Seiji, from BF, BBR to BS)
- Dive X OST (partly)
- Dive X Material Disc, featuring the new heroine.
- Dive X Original Telecard
- Dive X Tsun na Sora ni ijiwaru iwaretai CD. This is most likely a drama CD about Sora.

Otome Yuugi Suikoden - Card game and artbook

Here are some camera shots of the artbook and the cards. According to the site, they are currently on sale at Akihabara. I hope I'll get to see more when someone post the camera shots of the inner pages.

Otoboku 2's update (25/6)

An additional patch for Otoboku 2 has been announced. According to the article, all save data created before the patch is applied will be unable to use. Of course, this applies to save data from trial version as well, since the choices have been changed in the full version. Therefore, one must apply the patch and play from the beginning, but text skipping is possible by holding the Ctrl key, like with other visual novels.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Otoboku 2's update (21/6)

There will be an event on 30/6 : the character popularity contest. The present of the lottery, a voice pack of Chihaya, will be restricted to 100 lucky purchasers. Perhaps someone may upload it when the game is released. You can find out more details here.

Baldr Sky Dive X new update

Well, only 1 pic, but I think it's more than enough. Thanks Exra for telling me this.

And here we got Muramasa in Dive X. This is gonna be promising.

Edit : There's also a new heroine in this new game, named Chikujou Chris. The game will be released on September 29th. Thanks Yukira for sending me the shot.

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Friday, June 18, 2010

Otoboku 2's update (June 11th)

Not much to mention. There's a piece of info about the special privilege card pack and another introductory card pack (including a school card (Chihaya ver)). They also posted a rather funny pic at the front page.

Another thing is the commentator event on June 19th. Of course, one must live in Japan in order to go there.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Otome Emaki & Otome Yuugi : Suikoden

This is probably the biggest surprise today for me. I was browsing a Chinese site, and suddenly I saw this thing. The artwork got me, and after a while reading the info, I can surely say that we're going to have a moe version of the Water Margin, a classic Chinese literature (called Suikoden in Japanese).

Main site

It appears that the artbook will be on sale on June 25th, and the trading card game will be released in July. Btw, the girl with big boobs at the cover is Song Jiang.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Otoboku 2 manga

I've just checked some Chinese scans, and I think the manga is not bad. The art is no matched for the game's, but it doesn't look bad either. I'll try to hunt the raw to scanlate it soon.

There were also some interesting things I found while reading the visual novel. Chihaya turned out to be the younger brother of Mariya in Otoboku 1, and he had a twin sister, named Chitose (deceased when they were children).

The secret of Chihaya's boobs has been revealed. The fake boobs are breast pads with the color exactly as human's skin. I assume this is also what Mariya did with Mizuho.