Monday, February 14, 2022

KOF13 trial scripts


- These are all done from starting position. If it doesn't work once due to micro stutters, press Select to restart before reactivating the script.

- Before using, please map your inputs as follow, or you'll need to change the scripts yourself:

LP = F / HP = G / LK = H / HK = J

- For best results, make sure the game runs at constant 60fps. KOF13 has a bug in which it will not run at full speed, so try reducing resolution if the framerate dips.

- If you can't activate the script, try windowed mode, or disable compatibility mode/run as admin, as these settings might interfere with AHK.

- If a trial isn't listed in these scripts, it's because it's very easy and I did it manually. If you still need it no matter what, please post your request in the comment section.

Sunday, February 6, 2022

Quick white balance fix for video recording on DSLR using AVISynth

Many DSLRs, especially entry-level ones like my D3400, don't have Kelvin White Balance as an option, so you will most likely need to fix WB in post. With still images, it's pretty easy to fix using the camera brand's software (Nikon NX-D or NX Studio in my case). However, with videos things become a lot trickier. If you already have Adobe Premiere or DaVinci Resolve installed on your PC, it's easy. But if you just want something lightweight and free, you can just use AVS.

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Useful AHK scripts for KOF13 achievement farming

Since KOF has much harder executions than any fighting game franchise, farming achievements can be a pain, especially anything related to Neomax and their cancels. To deal with that, I've written some scripts that will help accelerating achievement grinding. These will come in handy when farming "Do sth X times" or target missions in Arcade mode to unlock Saiki.