Friday, September 15, 2017

AHK scripts for hardest trials in USF4

A few things to note before using my scripts:

- I mapped my keys as F, G, H, J for LP/MP/HP/3P and V, B, N, M for LK/MK/HK/3K, so it's better to remap your keys before using the scripts so that you won't need to waste time changing them.
- Unlike SFV, SF4 requires much stricter timing and positioning. There's a shit ton of 1f links and cancelling in most trials, with many are downright stupid (e.g. Vega or Gief's multiple jabs). In addition, you have to deal with various option selects (e.g. HP or HK may have 2 variants depending on the distance to your opponent). Therefore, you may find a lot of my scripts not working at first. When that happens, try adjusting your start position and try again. You may sometimes need to repeat up to 50 times, but they will work out eventually.
- If you find any script that doesn't work no matter how many times you retry, let me know and I'll see if I need to fix it or add something to it.
- Most trials are done in corner. For most of them, you either stand as close to Dan as possible (like 3 light attacks in a row), or a few steps from Dan (usually starts with a jump attack). For any trials that was done mid-stage, I've already wrote the details, so try to read them before using script.
- In most scripts, I left out the ultra/super either because it was easier to mash at that point or because I was lazy to code, so you'll either need to add the script for ultra/super or just manually input it.
- For some reason, the game doesn't handle 1f inputs very well, so I decided to keep Sleep at 33 (2 frames) in most cases for consistent inputs.

That's all for now. Here's the scripts I've wrote: