Thursday, September 29, 2011

Show off 2

It's all thanks to BC and his acquaintance that I finally got my hands on MiX! vol 2, Otoboku 2 vol 2 and Sh@pple, another trap manga illustrated by Uira Akuru-sensei. As usual, these books are totally worth the money I spent. Carnelian's art is as beautiful as always.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

fortissimo EXS & Da Capo III

Last night, my friend Yukira sent me some scans from the newest issue of Comptiq. Among those were some notable pieces :

Knowing that one producer of fortissimo is tororo-danchou, the president of Circus, I wasn't very surprised when I saw this. The new version will include 2 new routes for Momiji and Sayuki, who received the highest number of votes in the last character poll. The name of each route will be as follow :

Akkord:Ein Kirschenbaum (Sakura)
Akkord:Ahorn der Flamme (Momiji)
Akkord:Schnee Kristall (Sayuki)

In addition, EXS will have ero content, unlike EXA. Plus we'll get to see new weapons & skills. I don't know about other characters, since they have yet to show any pics, but Sayuki's new form looks pretty cool.

Next, we'll have another theme song by fripSide. Well, I doubt it will be as good as the first OP, since it's currently the best fripSide song ever made (at least to me), but we can expect something nicer than those songs for the crappy Railgun anime.

Finally, it seems they are adding a new guy, who looks exactly like Reiji while having the same scarf as Sakura. They have yet to tell the true identity of this guy, but I guess he's Reiji in another timeline.

Here's the link for the new version :

They still haven't shown any info on the site, but they will do that sooner or later.

Also, more info about the latest DCIII. This will be Circus' new cash cow. Knowing how the company does business, let's expect 10+ extra stories and spin-offs from this new game.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A method for photo shooting

Today is a great day, mainly because I've just found a way to take pictures of manga at a much greater quality compared to those I showed you in my last post.

Normally, because of limitation of zoom lens and the flashlight, when the camera is set near the book, the picture becomes extremely blurry or bright, making it impossible to see the text on the picture. On the other hand, if the camera is a little bit far from the book, the text becomes so small that you can't read anything. Moreover, changing the focal length of the camera is of no use, and the picture only becomes blurry like shit. However, after hundreds of attempts and failures, I decided to put a magnifier in front of the camera, and it showed great result. Depends on the angle of the camera, the picture can be rather dark or bright, but the text and details of some areas become even clearer than what you can see with naked eyes. Here's a demonstration :

You see, in this case, the text is completely readable. The sharpness is even close to that of scans. For me, this will save a lot of effort when translating the manga and novels I order, since I won't have to open them so many times to read the text again just because I can't take picture of the text.