Friday, September 15, 2017

AHK scripts for hardest trials in USF4

A few things to note before using my scripts:

- I mapped my keys as F, G, H, J for LP/MP/HP/3P and V, B, N, M for LK/MK/HK/3K, so it's better to remap your keys before using the scripts so that you won't need to waste time changing them.
- Unlike SFV, SF4 requires much stricter timing and positioning. There's a shit ton of 1f links and cancelling in most trials, with many are downright stupid (e.g. Vega or Gief's multiple jabs). In addition, you have to deal with various option selects (e.g. HP or HK may have 2 variants depending on the distance to your opponent). Therefore, you may find a lot of my scripts not working at first. When that happens, try adjusting your start position and try again. You may sometimes need to repeat up to 50 times, but they will work out eventually.
- If you find any script that doesn't work no matter how many times you retry, let me know and I'll see if I need to fix it or add something to it.
- Most trials are done in corner. For most of them, you either stand as close to Dan as possible (like 3 light attacks in a row), or a few steps from Dan (usually starts with a jump attack). For any trials that was done mid-stage, I've already wrote the details, so try to read them before using script.
- In most scripts, I left out the ultra/super either because it was easier to mash at that point or because I was lazy to code, so you'll either need to add the script for ultra/super or just manually input it.
- For some reason, the game doesn't handle 1f inputs very well, so I decided to keep Sleep at 33 (2 frames) in most cases for consistent inputs.

That's all for now. Here's the scripts I've wrote:

Thursday, August 24, 2017

AHK scripts for some vol 2 trials in SFV

Didn't need to code much this time since this volume is relatively easy and contains actual BnB combos. Here are the ones I found the most difficult and couldn't do manually (Kolin not included since I had my friend clear her trials for me). If you want script for any trial I didn't include, feel free to post your request.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

AHK scripts for some moves in GGXX AC+R

Some moves are stupidly hard to pull off, but still needed in the 20+ combo mission on Gold Potemkin, so I've wrote some scripts for them.

Friday, March 17, 2017

How to write AutoHotkey scripts for full combo strings in Street Fighter V

Do you suck at executing combos? Do you find the trials too difficult and yet utterly useless in actual matches, and yet you still want to clear them for some fight money? If your answers are 'Yes' for both questions, this is the guide for you.

Long story short, this guide aims to help people like me, who suck at combo no matter how many hours spent on the game. Instead of having to rely on luck because many of the trials require pinpoint positioning in addition to insanely accurate timing sense, which is something you don't have, you can rely on math and script writing for AutoHotkey to get the job done. This still takes time, but after a while you will find it much easier than using the conventional way. In this guide I will show you some examples along with explanation for all the codes. Hopefully you'll be able to write your own AHK codes for your need after reading the following passages.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Phantom Breaker Extra Special Soundtracks

Well, here goes my rip for my favorite fighting game on the PS3. Cover stolen from amazon since I don't have a scanner.