Saturday, March 27, 2010

Otoboku 2 - New updates (26/3)

Here's a piece of good news. Chapter 1 of the webcomic has been released. The art looks the same as in the teaser, so I guess it was drawn by the same illustrator. For now, it's clear to say that Fumi is a yandere. Also, the 2nd teaser movie has been uploaded along with the webcomic. You can download it here.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

More updates on Otoboku 2

Today I visited Caramel Box's site again, and found out that they had updated their info on this game for more than a week.

This time the theme song will be sung by Yuria, and the insert song will be done by Sakakibara Yui again. You can download some stuff here.

The art looks better than Otoboku 1's, which is a big plus to a trap lover like me, and there's a high chance that's the story will be fun. I'm looking forward to the school festival and PE class events. Moreover, it's most likely that this game will be designed for wide screen LCDs, not old 4:3 monitors, which is another good point to me.

The list of characters can be found here.

Protagonist : Kisakinomiya Chihaya
Heroines :
- Nanahara Kaoruko
- Watarai Fumi
- Kamichika Kaori
- Kayleigh Glanzelius (German?)
- Reizei Awayuki
- Sasou Utano
- Kashiwagi You
- Minase Hatsune

Special thanks to ketsuage5 for uploading this video to youtube. This way I don't need to upload it myself. xD

PS : The game will be released on June 30th 2010. There will also be a PSP version for Otoboku 1, which will be released by Alchemist by the end of April. You can see details here.

Mayochiki Vol 1 Chapter 1 - Part 2 (8/25)


I was careless.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Mayochiki Vol 1 Chapter 1 - Part 1 (Full)

Well, this is my first time translating a light novel, and it's still at the experimental stage, so I decide to post here so that everybody can give their suggestions to edit it easily. Hope I'll get more help with this novel. About the reason, well, I do this in order to fill up the amount of time when I can't do manga because I have to make sure my parents don't find out what I'm doing. On the other hand, they won't be able to figure out if it's a light novel. :p Moreover, the illustration and the summary got me, so I decided to do it. This way I can keep learning Japanese in my own way more freely xD Also, I haven't got enough time to customize my blog, so please bear with it if the colors look ugly.