Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Baldr Sky Dive 2's videos

Since I now have some free time, I decided to have a look at the DVDs of BS Dive 2, and I have to say that it was even beyond my expectation. Guess what? They gave me around 2.5GB of video! On top of that, the quality of the ending videos is now much better, since we have 800x600 vs 640x480, and they are clearly no upscale shit. There's still banding in the videos, but I can't blame them because MPEG-1 is already an outdated codec to begin with. Finally, the content of the ending videos for Rain, Nanoha and Chinatsu is just the same as the old ones', so I can now have a nice replacement. Cheers :D

Chinatsu D1
Chinatsu D2
Kuu D1
Kuu D2
Rain D1
Rain D2

PS : The pictures above are taken from the raw. I'll do some filtering before putting my rips on TT. :)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

More information regarding otoboku 2

Thanks to Yukira, a friend of mine, I finally got to see some scans regarding this upcoming game.


According to the scans, the protagonist this time will be a platinum-haired guy named Kisakinomiya Chihaya (lol, even his name is girly already), and the heroine will be Nanahara Kaoruko (the black-haired one), and she's of the strong will type. It appears that the story will take place after the previous game, with totally different characters. Well, at least let's hope this will be as good as Otoboku 1. Cheers.