Friday, May 28, 2010

Impression on Otoboku 2 trial version

Well, I just finished downloading the game yesterday, and I spent about 2 hours reading one part of it today. Everything looks nice to me. Music, art, voice acting are all good. Here's a little summary of the plot :

Mikado Chihaya, the protagonist, has excellent grades at school (always at the top of his class), but remains lonely due to his girlish appearance. Since he was a kid, boys have always been staying away from him, saying things like "you piss me off, so get outta my sight", or "you looks as weak as a girl". His mother, seeing her son leading a pitiful life, made a ZOMG clever decision : transfer him to Seiou Girl Academy. At first he opposed, but finally had to agreed because he will be disinherited if he doesn't do as his mom says. At the dorm of his new school, he met Kaoruko, who helped him once on the street, again, along with other people in the dorm, like Hatsune the Student Council President, and Kaori.

Similar to Mizuho, Chihaya changed his family name to his mother's, thus he became Kisakinomiya Chihaya.

"I'm a boy... One year from now on, I will be a girl." - QFT

Screenshots :

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