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Josei Danshi chapter 12

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Chapter 12 raw


Page 1

P1B1 - This is different...
Diagonal text - Finally time for their first concert!!
P1B2 - from the concert I was expecting!!

12th. Finally found you
Kenmotsu Chiyo

P2Sign1 - Hatoda Town Neighborhood Association's Refreshing Festival
P2SFX - Bustle
P2Sign2 - Butter-topped potato
Page 2

P1SFX - Bustle
P1Middle Sign - Yakisoba

P4B1 - Kotori, THIS is our first concert you were talking about?!
P4SFX - Shake (x2)
P4B2 - Yep.
P4B3 - Don't you think something is wrong?!
P4B4 - You know, shouldn't it be like that?!

P5B1 - Attracting visitors at somewhere like a live house...
P5B2 - And the visitors are girls who seem to gladly enjoy our songs...!!
Page 3

P1B1 - Ageha!
P1SFX - Pull

P2B1 - You think a nameless band like us...
P2B2 - can attract visitors at a live house?!

P3B1 - W... Well...
P3B2 - Our friends... maybe...?

P4B1 - How many girls would pay 2000 yen for a ticket of our show?
P4B2 - 2... 2000 yen?
P4B3 - Wh-Who knows...?
Page 4

P1B1 - If we perform at a live house, our tickets must sell like crack, right?
P1B2 - And so, if visitors don't come in, we'll have to pay for the ticket bill.
P1B3 - Even if we perform at a small place with a minimum goal of 20 people, it'll be 40,000 yen...
P1B4 - Can we provide that much in a flash?!

P2B1 - U
P2B2 - Uu...

P3B1 - Even keeping a band alive costs money as well...!
P3B2 - Well, for such reasons, you should think that just getting them to let us perform here is already something out of luck!!

P4B1 - I have nothing to say...
P4SFX - Down...
P4B2 - against your sound logic, Kotori...
Page 5

P1B1 - Then again, it would be great if we pass a live audition. We'll have it tough until that happens...
P1B2 - Well, even a street performance would be good, though... And since we'd be making the same effort anyway, it's better to have a lot of people coming...

P2B1 - Hey Ageha, your yukata looks cute!
P2B2 - Eh? Really?!

P3B1 - Wait,
P3B2 - that's not the point!!

P4B1 - I was thinking that it was strange when you told me to come wearing a yukata cuz it was the chosen costume...
P4B2 - But telling me to play at a festival in your hometown...!! Plus doing a cover is just...!!

P5B1 - How should I put it... There are still genres of music I wanna play-
P5B2 - Okay, okay♪
P5B3 - Heeeey!!
P5Sign1 - Frankfurter
P5Sign2 - Goldfish
P5Sign3 - Chocolate banana
Page 6

P1SFX1 - Restless
P1SFX2 - Bustle
P1Sign1 - Frankfurter
P1Sign2 - Goldfish
P1Sign3 - Chocolate banana

P2SFX - Noisy

P3SFX - Restless
P3B1 - People... are all over the place...
P3B2 - I'm gonna sing in front of these many...

P4B1 - Everyone is gonna hear my songs...
P4B2 - I hope they would gladly enjoy them...
Page 7

P1 - Disgusting
P3SFX - Clatter (x2)

P4B1 - Don't worry... Don't worry... Don't worry...
P4B2 - Surely there won't be anyone like that here... There can't be...
Page 8

P3SFX - Bustle
Page 9

P1SFX - Thump
P2B - Hm?
P5B - Isn't Pochi looking kinda unwell...?
Page 10

P1B1 - Pochi... Is something wrong?
P1Sign - Hatoda Town Neighborhood Association's Refreshing Festival

P2B1 - I'm sorry...
P2B2 - Ageha-chan, I...

P3B - can't sing!

P4SFX - Run
P4B1 - Eh...
P4B2 - Pochi?!

P5B1 - What's the matter?
P5B2 - I don't know...
Page 11

P1B1 - Maybe toilet? Hey, more importantly, look at this!!
P1B2 - I uploaded the song we recorded at the studio the other day to Nipo Nipo Douga, and...
P1B3 - Eh? Nipo Nipo Douga?

P4B1 - Oh...
P4B2 - Ohhh...

P5B - Ageha!!
P6B - Huh?
Page 12

P1B1 - As I thought, it's Ageha!!
P1B2 - Look this way!!

P2B - Wha-

P3B1 - What?
P3B2 - Someone you know?
P3SFX - Sneak (x2)
P3B3 - A dude from my middle school...
P3B4 - I was feeling at ease since this festival is hold in your hometown... But people from many areas do come here after all...

P4B1 - Hm? Middle school?
P4B2 - ...Someone I know?

P5B1 - I'm sorry... I...
P5B2 - can't sing...!!

P6B - Could that be the reason...?!
Page 13

P1B1 - Kotori, lemme borrow this for a sec!!
P1SFX - Snatch
P1B2 - Eh? Hold it!

P2B - I'll be right back!!
P2Sign - Hatoda Town Neighborhood Association's Refreshing Festival

P3SFX - Drum
Page 14

P1B - That was Kawamura-kun... from my middle school...

P2B1 - The hell is with your voice?!
P2B2 - Weird shit!

P3B - Did ya hear his speaking voice?!

P4B1 - Ahahahahaha
P4B2 - Ahahahahaha

P5B1 - I'm scared... I'm scared...
P5B2 - They're gonna laugh at me again!!
Page 15

P1SFX - Rustle

P2B1 - Finally found you...
P2B2 - Huff
P2B3 - Huff

P3B - Ageha-chan
Page 16

P2B - I'm sorry... I...

P3B1 - Did something happen?
P3B2 - Tell me clearly.

P5B - The truth is...

P6SFX - Drum
P6B2 - I came across a guy in the same grade from when I was in middle school...

P7B1 - That's why...
P7B2 - I can't sing...
Page 17

P1B - Just as I thought.
P2B - Eh?
P3B - You were acting strange, so I wondered if that might be the case...

P4B2 - If they hear my voice again... they will laugh at me...
P4B3 - I can't...
P4B4 - stand that...!!

P5B - No.

P7B1 - It's not the same with your songs.
P7B2 - You certainly have a high and cute voice for a boy.
P7B3 - It sounds just like the voice of a girl...
Page 18

P1B1 - But when it comes to singing, it has an appeal...
P1B2 - like such matters would be blown away!
Page 19

P1B - Those lots haven't heard your "songs", have they?

P2B1 - Y...
P2B2 - Yeah...

P3B - Look at this.
P4B2 - This is... what I recorded with Kotori-chan...!!

P5B1 - Yeah, your song which was uploaded to Douga.
P5B2 - This many people have listened to the song, and there are this many who liked it.
Page 20

P1B - A... Amazing...

P2B1 - There are popular songs out there, but being able to attract so many views is awesome, really!
P2B2 - This view count is the number of people who were enchanted by your singing voice, you know!!
P2B3 - Be more confident!!
P2SFX - Pom!!

P3B1 - So, let's go
P3B2 - to our first concert...!!
Page 21

P1B - Okay...

P2Signs - Hatoda Town Neighborhood Association's Refreshing Festival
P2SFX - Noisy

P3B1 - Where the hell did you go?
P3B2 - It's almost time, you know?
Page 22

P1B1 - Sorry,
P1B2 - my bad!!

P2SFX - Grab
P2B - Wah

P3B1 - Anyway, it's "Sora"'s first concert!
P3B2 - Let's go with all we've got!!

P4SFX - Glance

P6 - Y-
Page 23


P2Sign1 - Yakisoba
P2Sign2 - Butter-topped potato

P3B1 - Well, next
P3B2 - is a maaagic show!
P3Sign - Hatoda Town Neighborhood Association's Refreshing Festival
Page 24

P1SFX - Thump (x3)

P2SFX - Bustle (x2)
P2Sign1 - Frankfurter
P2Sign2 - Goldfish
P2Sign3 - Chocolate banana

P3B1 - Please wait,
P3B2 - Michael-san-
P3SFX - Run

P4B - Wah-
P4SFX - Thud

P5B1 - Wh... Why must you go to a festival at such a place?
P5SFX - Squeeze
P5B2 - Just because you saw the festival from the car doesn't mean...!!
Page 25

P1SFX - Running step

P2B1 - Nyonyooo!!
P2B2 - This is yammy!!

P3B - Nyaah♥ It looks great over there too, nihohi♥♥

P4B1 - W...
P4B2 - Wait

P5B1 - Gyah
P5B2 - Ouch-
Page 26

P1B1 - Well then, coming up next is a high school girl band.
P1B2 - The members of "Sora"!

P3B - Nyonyo?

P4Sign - Hatoda Town Neighborhood Association's Refreshing Festival
P4SFX - Bustle (x2)

P5B1 - P... Pleased to meet you!! We are "Sora".
P5B2 - Um, umm... Please enjoy.
Page 27

P1SFX - Noisy
P2SFX - Flirt

P3F - Kyahahaha
P3B2 - Stop that

P4SFX - Doze (x2)
P5SFX - Thump (x2)

P6B1 - Here we go, everyone!!
P6B2 - O-Okay!!
Page 29

P2SFX - Thump (x3)
P3SFX - Inhale...
Page 30+31

Sign - Hatoda Town Neighborhood Association's Refreshing Festival
Page 32

P1B1 - What's that?! A band?! So cute!
P1B2 - Eh?! High school students?! And I thought they were pros!!
P1SFX - Hubbub
P1B3 - Ehhh, sounds good!! Awesome!!

P2B1 - What the?! Aren't they damn cute?!
P2B2 - Freaking good!! A band?!
P2B3+4 - H-Hey-
Page 33

P1Sign - Hatoda Town Neighborhood Association's Refreshing Festival

P2B1 - Michael-san!
P2B3 - like

P3B - Eh?
Page 34

P1B1 - Me like this voice...!!
P1B2 - Me is picking this girl...!!
Lower right - ・ At last, Pochi has found where he belongs to.
Lower left - To be continued in the next issue (October 4th)
Page 35

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