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Josei Danshi chapter 13

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Chapter 13 raw


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He has finally obtained it, the jewel-like everyday life.

Kenmotsu Chiyo
13th. I hope it will last forever...
Page 2

・The exciting first concert has ended...
Page 3

P2B1 - Ah.
P2B2 - It's Mike!

P3B1 - So cute~
P3B2 - Sick!
*More like HNG, lel*
P3B3 - Love this song~
Page 4

P1B1 - Great job!!
P1SFX - Ka-chiiing!!

P2B1 - Really, the concert was so fun!!
P2B2 - A toast with parfait is a bit...
P2B3 - Fufu, and yet it was you who complained the most lol

P3B1 - Th-That's not true!! I actually enjoyed it!!
P3B2 - It was nice that the people at the neighborhood association also enjoyed it, right?
P3B3 - The sweets they gave us were yummy... ♥

P4B1 - Paying us with sweets...
P4B2 - That's like a present you would get for attending radio calisthenics...
P4B3 - Isn't that all good? That's how the first step is like, you know.

TL note: In Japan, if a kid participates in radio calisthenics for enough days during summer break, the local community will give him or her a little present on the last day (usually August 31). The present is usually a notebook or pencils, but can also be candies or snacks in some communities.
Page 5

P1B - That aside...

P2B1 - Tadaaaaa!!
P2B2 - When I tried uploading Pochi's songs to Nipo Nipo Douga...
P2B3 - Surprisingly!! It broke past 500 thousand views!!

P4B - You mean people listened to it 500 thousand times?
P5B - And that's an awesome view count!!
Page 6

P1B1 - Considering that there are popular songs out there,
P1B2 - it must be the appeal of Pochi's singing voice that made it happen!!
P1B3 - Sooo many people have uploaded their cover of this song,
P1B4 - but we by far have a superior ranking!!

P2B1 - You also showed this to me during the festival the other day,
P2B2 - yet the view count still hasn't risen?
P2B3 - Yeah!!
P2B4 - I uploaded three songs in a row with small intervals between them.
P2B5 - And that seemed to work as well!

P3B1 - That's awesome, Pochi. Lots of impressions have been posted, y'know? Wanna have a look?
P3B2 - N-No, that's embarrassing, so... I'll pass.

P4B1 - Things seem pretty good so far...
P4B2 - The next time...
Page 7

P1B - Let's upload an original song!!

P3B1 - Something like an original song of a band popping out of nowhere wouldn't even get noticed...
P3B2 - But from this singing voice of Pochi, we'll attract an audience to come for us
P3B3 - and have them listen to our songs...
Page 8

P1B - And then, if we can make them like the songs...
P2B - We can have them come to our concerts!!
P3B - Exactly!!
P4B - Ohhh!!

P5B1 - And so...
P5B2 - Let's record the song Ageha composed!!
P5B3 - We'll practice individually until the time comes!!

P6B1 - Okay!
P6B2 - Y-Yeah!!
P6B3 - Roger!
Page 9

P1SFX: Hand's up

P3B1 - As a band!
P3B2 - As Sora!!

P4B - Let's do our best!!
Page 10

P2SFX - Noisy (x2)

P3B1 - Listen, dude.
P3B2 - Lately a suspicious man wearing a suit and sunglasses has been asking me around here...

P4B1 - Really?! Me too!!
P4B2 - Seriously?!
P4B3 - What did he ask you about? Could it be the photo of THAT band...?
P4B4 - Right, that's it!!
Page 11

P1B1 - I wonder what that was about...
P1B2 - Who knows...
P1SFX - Rise...

P2SFX - Dazed

P3B1 - The concert at the festival...
P3B2 - was so fun...

Page 12

P1SFX - Chill

P2B1 - I sang in front of everyone...
P2B2 - Ageha-chan, Kotori-chan, Tsubasa-chan...
P2B3 - Thanks to all of them, my songs could reach the audience...

P3B1 - The voice of mine that everyone ridiculed...
P3B2 - That I didn't want to be heard by anyone...
P3B3 - I never thought such a voice of mine would reach everyone...
P3B4 - Much less expecting them to even enjoy it...!!
Page 13

P1SFX - Tear
P2SFX - Scrub (x2)

P3B1 - I hope days like these will last forever...
P3B2 - Forever...

P4SFX - Raindrops
P6Sign - Light music club
Page 14

P1SFX - Raindrops
P2B - Today is rainy, huh...

P3SFX - Raindrops
P3B1 - Rain~
P3B2 - Yeah~

P4SFX - Running steps

P5B1 - Sorrrry!!
P5SFX - Slide
P5B2 - I was having a committee meeting!

P6B - You're late!
Page 15

P1B1 - Sorry, sorry. Today is the day for the recording, isn't it?!
P1B2 - That's right. Well, we've booked the studio at 6 o'clock, so there's still time, though.

P2B1 - Oh, so we have some time to spare.
P2B2 - Wanna do some tuning here before we enter the studio?

P3B - I'm in! I'm in!

P4B1 - Pochi, how's your voice doing?
P4B2 - Y-Yeah... I've been practicing a lot, you know!

P5B - Fufu
Page 16

P1SFX - Rain drops
P3SFX - Brake!!
P5B - This way, please.
Page 17

P1SFX - Raindrops

P2SFX - Raindrops
P2B1 - What?
P2B2 - Isn't that...

P3Sign - Light music club
P5B - Here we go~
Page 18

P3SFX - Thump (x2)
Page 19

P1SFX - Clack (x3)
P2SFX - Inhale...
Page 20

P3B - This music...
Page 21

P3SFX - Exhale...
P3B - Phew...

P5SFX - Silent...
P6B - Th-Thank goodness...
Page 22


P2B2 - Who's that?!

Page 23

P1B2 - Nyohohoo!! That was one hell of a laugh~nyorooo!!
P1F - Nyororororooo
P1SFX - Cackle (x2)
P1B3 - H-Huuh?!

P2B1 - Who the hell are you?!
P2B2 - Think you even have any business to say we suck and crap...?

P3B1 - Wat a waste for the voice of that vocalist
P3B2 - to be singing in a band like chew girls~nyoro.
Page 24

P1B1 - Who the hell are you to tell us that kind of crap...
P1B2 - A... Ageha...

P3B1 - Th... This girl...
P3B2 - I have absolutely no idea why she would be here of all places, but...

P4B1 - It's "Mike"...!!
P4B2 - Michael Gabriel from A.G.Ring...!!
Page 25

P1B - A.G... Ring...?

P2Song title (Above MMKR48) - Twintails and Hair Band
P2B2 - The band... that I often hear about on Oricon chart...?!
TL Note: The name of the band is read as Angel Ring

P3B - Correct~nyooo♥

P4B1 - B-But, wh-why would such a celebrity
P4B2 - be at this school...?!

P5B - Fufufu...
Page 26

P1B1 - Me is here to scout the vocalist of chor band!!

P2B - Eh?! M... Me?!
P2Side text - ・ A sudden development!!
P2Bottom - To be continued in the next issue (October 18th)
Page 27

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