Monday, March 5, 2018

Raw scan: Falcom Magazine 2017 - vol.7

This is a free magazine that my friend gave me when he came back from Japan last month, and since I bought a scanner yesterday, I decided to use it as a test. Inside you'll find the following contents:

- Character and gameplay introduction of Sen no Kiseki 3
- Some 4koma for Sen 3
- A magical girl spinoff LN of the game
- 1 chapter of Sora no Kiseki SC manga

Raw specs:
- Scanner: HP Scanjet G3110
- Software used: Adobe Photoshop CS3
- Input color template: Brightness/Contrast = 100
- Scanned resolution: 300dpi (around 2150x3000 after cropping)
- Format: 8bit PNG
- Number of pages: 32
- Filesize: 275MB
- No denoise filter applied.
- Slight color curve adjustment to match the magazine for most colored pages. The only exception is page 31: The output was too dark that I had to use an aggressive curve to retain background details, thus changing the background color quite a bit.
- Tested on HoneyView, IrfanView and Windows 7 Photo Viewer.

This raw file should be sufficient for reading on most devices and scanlation too. Still, in case you really need 600dpi for your scanlation, feel free to contact me at #[email protected]. Enjoy!


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