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Josei Danshi chapter 1

This manga is translated per request from a friend of mine. For convenience, I decided to post my translation here instead of having my scanlation group edit and typeset it because it'd take too long to do all the shit as my group don't have enough manpower to do multiple projects at once. You are free to use my translations however you want. I don't care if you credit me or not, as long as you don't credit someone else as the translator while using my translations. The raw is taken directly from Square Enix's main site, so it is at max quality and doesn't require any cleaning. Redrawing, typesetting and proofreading will be needed, though, if you want to make something decent. Don't worry much about the speed, since the manga is biweekly and completely within my translation capability. For now enjoy the first chapter of this new trap manga. It doesn't look very good at first, but hopefully it'll get better in later chapters.

Chapter 1 raw


 Page 1

P1Box1: There was a songstress
P1Box2: whom people had to acknowledge to have the voice of an angel.

Right: A work of love comedy about one with a feminine voice♪

P2Box: But the songstress had a secret that she could not reveal...
Green text: New series!
Title: Josei Danshi

P3Box: And that is...
Page 2+3

Top: The love comedy about a male vocalist with a female voice, start!
Circle: Biweekly

1st: The cute voice
Big heart: New series♪
Page 5

P1B1+B2 : Music sounds
P2: H...

P4 (Niconico douga window)

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So pro


So hilarious I lololololed

Mai waifu

Shit got real lolololololol


P5B1: HERE IT COMES! I've been waiting for a girl who can sing with a cute voice of this caliber!!
Page 6

P2 SFX: Kyaah (x2)
P4: Wooooow
Page 7

P2B1: Here she comes! Ageha!!
P2B2: Damn! She's so cute!!
P2B3: Go out with me!
P2B4: So sexy! Look over here!

*TL rant: Wat? Not even STFU when peeping?*

P3B1: Ageha-chaan!!
P3B2: So cute!
P3 SFX: Bustle

P4B1: Ageha!
Page 8

P1B1: Yaho
P2B1: Wow! Kotori-chan and...
P3B1: Tsubasa-chan!!

P4B1: What is this I don't even?! A joint between class 3 and class 4?! This pool class is fabulous!!
P4B2: Isn't this a grand gathering of hot chicks?!

P5B1: Ahhh, I wonder which one of them I should go out with...
P5B2: Huh? Ya don't know anything?
P5B3: Know wat?
P5B4: Those three
P5B5: are notorious man-haters for ya!!
Page 9

P1B1: Aozora Ageha.
P1B2: Famous as the greatest beauty of our school for being both gifted and pretty.
P1B3: Countless guys have approached her, but she shook them all off.

P2B1: Hanaoka Kotori.
P2B2: A midget with glasses and huge tits, and a diligent committee chairman.
P2B3: Has a big and well-established fanbase.

P3B1: Takai Tsubasa. Boyish, quiet, tall, stylish and mysterious.
P3B2: Aside from fanboys, she also has many fangirls.
P3B3: And all of them have no interest in guys!! Or rather, they hate guys!!

P4B1: Hah, such a waste... They all look so cute...

*TL Rant: Fuck this shit! Retard fags made my brain melt*
Page 10

P1 SFX: Splash
P2B1: Sensei!! The boys are peeping!!
P2B2: Oh crap!

P3B1: HOLD IT!! Did you skip class?!
P3 SFX : Run
P3B2: Shit! Get outta here, fags!!

P4 SFX : Waaah
P4B1: What is it? Peeping toms?
P4B2: Did they skip class?
P4B3: Really?
Page 11

P1B1: Hmph,
P1B2: guys are all nasty!
*In this manga, yes*

P2 SFX: Chatter (x2)

P3B1: Hey, about that topic...
P3B2: Hm...

P4B1: Mphone?
Page 12

P1B1: I've found a vocalist!
P1B2: Nobody but this girl can sing with a cute voice of this caliber!!

P2B1: Heh, Nipo nipo douga? But isn't it difficult when it comes to the Internet?
P2B2: Like she lives in Hokkaido...

P3B1: No prob! No matter how difficult it is, I'll overcome it!! For the sake of getting this voice!!
P3B2+B3: All fired up aren't you? Did you mail her?
P3B4: Already sent one!! Now waiting for reply!

P4B1: After all, I feel a limit with just the three of us...
P4B2: I can't do vocal at all.

P5B1: By all means, in order to complete our "Sora" band,
P5B2: we need a vocalist with a nice voice!!

TL Note: Sora means "Sky". And no, this isn't another "according to keikaku" thingy. This is a name.
Page 13

P1B1: If this girl joins us, even a major debut will be no dream!!
P1B2: Ageha-chan, it's about time you cover your boobs.
P1F1: You're showing too much.

P2B1: Let's go all out with our band!!
P3B1: Yeah!

P5B1: Aim for our girl band!! By girls, for girls, and brings energy to girls!!
Page 14

P2B1: Now then, today we're having a singing test.
P2B2: Step ahead and sing when you're called, okay?

P3B1: Holy shit! Can't believe we still have singing tests in high school.
P3B2: Err...
P3B3: Whoa, I really shouldn't have selected music.

P4B1: We'll start from you, okay?
P4B2: Y-Yes ma'am!

P5B2: Listening like this really is making me feel how incredible that girl on the Internet was...
Page 15

P1B1: I've also tried vocal, but I just couldn't do any good...
P2B1: Next, Shibata-kun.
P3B2: Shibata-kun?

P4B2: Hey, isn't "Pochi" the next one?!
P4B3: Whoa!! Sounds exciting!

P5B1: Pochi...?
P5B2: Have you ever heard Pochi's voice?!
P5B3: Nah! Never!!
P5B4: Apparently he hasn't spoken even once since he entered school, you see.
P5B5: That must be it, right? He listens to anything you tell him to like a dog, so he's called "Pochi", isn't he?
P5 SFX: Kyah (x2)

P6 SFX: Clatter
Page 16

P1 SFX: Clatter (x2)
P2B1: Now, step ahead and sing. Don't be so nervous.

P3B1: Heeey, Pochi!! Try barking!!
P3F1: Hahaha
P3B2: What? Are they bullying him?

P4B1: Bullied guys... really are pathetic.
P4B2: I can't stand them.

P5B1: Okay, here we go~
Page 17

P1B1: Ah! Shibata-kun?!
P1SFX: Run
Page 18

P1B1: Kyaaaah?!
P1B2: He jumped down?! This is the second floor, you know?!

P2B1: How's he now?!
P2B2: Is he safe?!
P2B3: E-Everyone! Back to your seat!!

P3B1: What's wrong with him...?
P3B2: Not wanting to sing so badly that he had to jump out of the window...
P3B3: I can't believe it. Just how much does he hate music anyway?

P4B1: Never mind, this means the class is now suspended.
P4B2: Come to think of it, I wonder if she has replied...
Page 19

P1B1: No way...
P1Screen: Unwatchable
P1B2: The URL has been removed. I can't listen to the song now...

P2 SFX: King Kong...
P3F1: Lunch
P3 SFX: Noisy

P4B1: Not even a reply... What am I supposed to do?! The communication was cut off! But why...?!
P4B2: Guess I need to consult the two of them for now...
P4 SFX: Clack

P5B1: Ageha-chaaan!
Page 20

P1B1: Yahoo

P3B1: So cute!!
P3B2: With a closer look, you sure are pretty!!
P3B4: Ah, nice to meet ya. We bros play music, too. We're wondering if we can be friends with...

P4B1: Move!!
Page 21

P1B1: Huuh? So the rumor about you hating guys is true?
P2B1: Now, come on.
P2B2: We're not doing any harm to you, okay?

P3 SFX: Grab
P4B1: Eek

*I'd punch that annoying fag in the face if it was me*
Page 22

P1 SFX: Run
P2B1: She freaked me out.
P2B2: She didn't have to be so angry...
P2B3: See?

P4B1: Sigh... If only I had gone to an all-girl high school...
P4B2: But private schools are expensive...
P4 SFX: Grunt (x2)
P4B3: And I can't be such a burden for that person...

P5B1: Hm?
Page 23

P2B1: No way...!!
P2B2: This voice is... the voice of that girl on the Internet!!

P3B1: Where did it come from?!
P3B2: It's a capella. She must've been singing live!!
P3B3: Don't tell me she's around here?!

P4 Sign: Infirmary
Page 24

P1B1: Who was singing just now?!
P1 SFX: Slide

P3B1+B2: The song just now... Was it yours...?

P4B1: It was amazing... You posted your song on the Internet, didn't you?
P4B2: It sounded so lovely... I was fascinated by it in just a moment of listening...!! You are... truly amazing...!!
Page 25

P1B1: I...
P1B2: I don't know...

P2B1: No!! There's no way I could mishear it!!
P2B2: You were singing just now, didn't you?!
P2B3: Why do you hide yourself?! You have such a wonderful voice!!

P3B1: Hey, listen to me!! There's a song I'd love you to sing!!
P3B2: We're forming a band called "Sora". We want to invite you to join us as our vocalist...!!

P4B1: Wait just a moment!! I'll use my guitar to play it for you, so...!!
Page 26

P1B1: I...
P1B2: I'm... s... sorry...

P4B1: Why...? Is my band not good enough...?
P4B2: Come on, please, can you just... listen to a song and then decide... if...
Page 27

P1B1: Hey...
P2B1: Yeek!
P3B1: H-Hold it!!!

P4B1: Listen to me!!
P4B2: I think our vocalist can be nobody but you!!

P5 SFX: Tug
P6B1: Kyah!!
Page 28+29

P1B1: Oww...
P2B1: Eh?
Page 30

P1B1: Th-This guy is...
P1B2: Pochi...?

P2B1: The owner of that voice...
P2B1: IS A GUY?!
Page 31

P1 SFX: Squish
P3B1: Kyaaaah!
Bottom: To be continued on April 19
Left: 2 weeks later until the next chapter!


  1. Yay! I always wanted a translation of this series. Going to do the one-shot as well?

  2. Sure thing. But that'll be after I've done with the newest chapter.