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Josei Danshi chapter 2

Chapter 2 raw


Page 1

P1B1: The owner of that cute voice... is a guy?!
P2B1: And it's you, Pochi, of all people?!

Title: Josei Danshi

P2Side: An encounter with the best voice in the worst form

P3B1: Kyaaah!! Don't touch me!!
P3Box1: To sum up,
P3Box2: up until this part was the story of the last chapter.
P3Box3: Let me tell you a little about Pochi this time.
Page 2

Top: Kenmotsu Chiyo
2nd: I won't let them hear me sing!!

Vertical: Falling in love with the voice
Near bottom: Chapter 2 of the new series ♪♪
Bottom: Josei Danshi
Page 3

P1Sign: Karaoke
P2SFX: Nervous (x2)
P3SFX: Look around
P4SFX: Ka-cha
Page 4

P1B1: Here I can voice out loud however I want!!
P1B2: It's still so much fun to sing!!

P2B1: Here is your drink.
P2SFX1: Ka-cha
P2SFX2: Startle

P3SFX1: Stare
P3B1: Sorry for the intrusion.
P3SFX2: Ka-cha

P4B1: Guess he didn't hear my voice...

P5B1: Songs for girls are indeed easy to sing.
P5Sign: History
P5Box: Yeah...
Page 5

P1Box1: My voice is just like that of a girl.
P1Box2: When everyone's voice started to change, I ended up falling out of the place.

P2Box1: I was often teased, and was bullied, too.
P2Box2: I didn't want to be made fun of because of this voice anymore.
P2Box3: With that in mind, when I entered a high school far away from my home town, I stopped speaking as well.

P3Box1: But
P3Box2: I just can't stop singing!!

P4Box1: I love singing and listening to music ever since I was a child.
P4Box2: Even though I now can't say a single word in front of people,
P4Box3: I still go karaoke and let my voice go wild like this.
Page 6

P1B1: Hm?
P2B1: Record your song on CD with 1000 yen...

Pamphlet *section for advertise crap*
- Put your voice on a CD!!
- Only 1000 yen
- Let's challenge
- Give your voice a shape

P2B2: Audio recording service...?

P3SFX: Gulp

P5B1: Ken, don't stay up late. Hurry up and go to bed.
P5B2: Okaay...

P6B1: Phew...
P6SFX: Ka-cha
Page 7

P1B1: So...
P1B2: I did it...

P2B1: M-My voice is my treasure. It's really bugging me of how it sounds to me...
P2B2: Y-Yeah! I'll try listening!

P3B1: Clatter
P3SFX: Thump (x2)

P4SFX: Thump (x2)
Page 8

P1B1: ...Yeah.
P1B3: It sounds just like a girl.

P2B1: But this voice is my ability as a guy, so I have to show it off...
P2SFX: Thump (x2)
P2B2: I wonder if everyone will say "gross"...

P3B1: By any chance...
P3SFX: Thump (x2)
P3B2: If there are people who will say that my voice is "nice"...

P4SFX: Click (x2)
Page 9

P2B1: Beep
P2Tab: Video submission is completed.
P2Bottom: Nipo Nipo Douga

P3B1: Whoa!
P3SFX: Roll (x2)
P3B2: I did it! I really did it! I uploaded it to the Internet!!

P4B1+B2: Click

P5B1: Click
P5Text: Number of playbacks

P6B1: Click

P7B1: Yeah, that must be it.
P7B2: Nobody would want to listen to this...
P7B3: Well... At least I had one listener, so...
Page 10

P1B1: Time to sleep...
P1SFX: Beep...

P4Text: Number of playbacks

P6B1: This voice is...!!
Page 11

P1SFX: King Kong
P2B2: Snap

P3B1: Pochi,
P3B2: go buy us coffee and milk.

P4B1: Oh, you're asking pochi to run an errand? Count me in.

P5B1: Oh, 'kay 'kay. Good dog, aren't ya?
P5F1: Hahaha
P5B2: I'm counting on you, Pochiiii.

P6SFX: Trudge (x2)
Page 12

P1B1: Come to think of it, I wonder what happened to the vid I uploaded yesterday...
P2B1: I-I'm not expecting anything!!
P3SFX: Beep

P4 (Nico Nico Douga)
- lolololololol
- What's this shit? Gross.
- lololololololololol
- It's here!
- ☆321 (x16)
- ★123 (x8)
- Mai waifu
Page 13

- lololol
- What's this shit? Gross.
- lolololol
- lololololol
- It's here
Page 14

P1SFX: Tick (x3)

P2B1: Beep
P2Text: Please wait

- Your video has been deleted.
- Nipo Nipo Douga
- Video top... Help... Terms of Use... BBS

P4SFX: Run

P5B1: What a foolish thing I've done.
P5B2: How could I... think that someone might gladly accept my voice, something everyone ridiculed so much back then...
P5B3: I'm one hell of an idiot!
Page 15

P1B1: I will never let anyone hear me sing again!!
P1SFX: King Kong

P2SFX1: Noisy (x2)
P2SFX2: Chatter (x2)

P3B1: Okay then, let us begin the singing test.
P3F1: Ehh?!

P4B1: I've just decided that I won't sing again, yet...!!
P4B2: All right, step ahead-
P4SFX: Shocked
P4B3: Eh-
Page 16

P1B1: Wh... What should I do?
P1SFX: Thump

P2B1+B2: Okay, good job.
P2B3: The next one.

P3SFX: Thump (x2)
P3B1: What should I do?

P4B1: Okay then, next.
P4B2: Shibata Ken-kun...

P5F (big): Gross
P5F (small): What's this shit?

P6F1: What's with his voice? How gross-
P6F2: Don't speak like a girl.
P6F3: Creepy
Page 17

P1B1: Shibata-kun, what's wrong?
P1SFX: Thump (x3)
P1B2: No...
P1B3: Shibata-kun!!
P1B4: Stop it...!!

P2B1: Kyaaaaah!!
P2F1: Huh...
P2B2: Urg...
P2B3: Urgh...
P2F2: What... did I...
Page 18

P1F1: Ah... I remembered...
P1F2: I jumped out of the window...

P2F1: I'm so glad... This means...
P2B1: Somebody--
P2B3: He jumped down from the second floor!
P2B4: No way--
P2F2: things have ended... without me being laughed at...

P4B1: This place is...
P4B2: the infirmary...?

P5B1: Nobody...
P5B2: is here...?
Page 19

P1B1+B2: Tick tock
P1F1: Kyahaha...
P1F2: Whoa...

P2B1: Lunch break...
P2B2: So I was just lightly wounded...
P2F1: Owww...

P3B1: Heh...
P3B2: Heheh...

P4B1: Ahh, the infirmary feels so nice!!
P4B2: I can rest at ease, and nobody is here!!

P5B1: Guess I'll listen to some songs♪
P5B2: Where was my earphone again?
P5B3: Oh, here it is♪

P6SFX: Squeak

P7B1: Ahh, how nice.
P7B2: This song still sounds nice to me.

P8F1: ...
Page 20

P2B1: My voice is not going to reach anyone anymore...
P2SFX: Drip (x2)
P2B2+B3: Never... again...
Page 21

P2B1: I love singing so much...
P2B2: yet this is my last time...

P3B1: Farewell... my voice...!!
P4SFX: Slide
Page 22

P1B1: The song just now...
P1B2: Whose was it?

P2B1: S-Someone heard it?!
P2SFX: Thump (x2)
P2B2: Crap...!!

P3B1+B2: It was... amazing...!!
P4B1: Eh?

P5B1: Someone praised my voice...?!
P5B2: It sounded so lovely that it fascinated me!! You are truly amazing!!
P5B3: Nah, I'm gonna be laughed again if she sees me...!! I've gotta escape!!
P5B4: Hold it!! Listen to me...
Page 23

P3B1: Eek-

P4B1: No way...
P4B2: A guy...?!

P5B1: Kyaaah, don't touch me!!
P5B2: I knew it!!
Page 24

P2B1: Heh, so you're telling me to forget about the song since you just uploaded it on a whim
P2B2: and you hate voicing in front of people?

P3SFX: Nod

P4B1: Sigh, that was an epic fail!!
P4B2: Who would've thought that voice's owner belongs to the kind I hate the most:
P4B3: GUYS!!
P4B4: And it was "Pochi" to boot...
P4B5: Hm?
Page 25

P1Notebook: Can I go back now?

P2B1: Say the damn line out!
P2SFX: Kick

P3B1: But isn't it gross?
P3SFX: Tremble (x2)

P4B1: Yeah.
P4B2: Right.

P5SFX1: Shocked
P5SFX2: Twitch

P6B1: The way she says that face-to-face hurts so much.
P7B1: But...
Page 26

P1B1: Your song was... w... well...
P1B2: Amazing!! Very nice!!
Page 27

P1B1: Arrrrgh!! This is the worst!! If you were a girl, there wouldn't be any problem!!
P1SFX: Startle

P2B1: If you were a girl...!!
P2B2: Hm?
P2B3: If you were a "girl"...?

P3B4: I've come up with a good idea...!!

P4B1: Please!! Listen to my lifetime request!!
P4B2: Trust me!!
Page 28

P3B1: Look around

P4B1: Finished?
P4SFX: Shake (x2)

P5B1: Finished, haven't you?!
P5B2: I'm going in!!

P6B1: I-I've tried putting them on, but...
P6B2: Will this really be okay...?

P7B1: Looks pretty fine.
P7B2: The rest is to put on a wig and...
Page 29

P1B1: Girl form
P1B2: complete!!

P2B1: You have no breast, but this will make youu look like you have it...
P2F1: Pad

P3B1: You have a girly face...
P3B2: Nice figure with sufficient flesh, and a small build to boot...

P5B1: It's... embarrassing...
P5SFX2: Sob (x2)
P5B2: Aren't you a guy?! Don't cry over such a trivial matter!!
P5B3: I'm telling you, my plan is flawless!!
Page 30

P1B1: Now that he's in this form, even a man-hater like me...
P1B2: may touch him normally... if I think of him as a girl...!!

P4B1: I can touch him!!
P4B2: I may think guys are disgusting
P4B3: but apparently my brain isn't resisting at all!!

P5SFX1: Grope...
P5SFX2: Shudder (x3)
Page 31

P1B1+B2: Yeah... He's a girl...
P1B3: Ah...
P1B4: S...
P1SFX: Touch... (x2)
P1B5: He looks just like a girl...

P2B1: Stop it...!!
P2B2: It's...
P2B3: It's embarrassing!!

P3B1: Ba-dump

P4B1: Crap... His voice is really...
P4B2: Ba-dump
P4B3: giving me a thrill...!!
Page 32

P1B1: It's decided!!
P1SFX: Grab!
P1B2: When you are in this form, you are the vocalist of Sora... "Pochi"!!

P2Right: The birth of a crossdressing guy with a girl's voice?
P2B1: Eh...?
P2Bottom: To be continued on May 3rd


  1. Please make a mirror for chapter 1 and 2, my country seems doesn't support ...And for the chapter 1

  2. Okay, will do it after I upload chapter 3. Also, you seem to have more to say.

  3. Oh wait, someone else did it already.