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Josei Danshi chapter 3

I actually wanted to post this yesterday, since it was my birthday. However, I had to give up on the plan and reviewed for my final exam this morning. Anyway, it's all over now, so enjoy your newest chapter (although it's a bit late since the raw was released 10 days ago).

Chapter 3 raw


Page 1

Title: Josei Danshi

Great encouragement, great gratitude

3rd: I've fallen for you...
Kenmotsu Chiyo
Page 2

P1B1: Please!!
P1B2: Become our vocalist!!

P2B1: B-But I...
P2B2: have never sung in front of people!

P3B1: Everyone starts the same!!
P3B2: Please!! Join us!!

P4Side: How will the fate of Pochi, who was forced to crossdress, be like?!
P4B1: Um... But...
P4SFX: Fidget... (x2)
P4B2: But...

P5B1: How vexing!!
P5B2: Wait for me here!!
P5B3: Ah...

P6B: Whoa-
Page 3

P1B1: This one is...
P1B2: for girls...

P2B1: Excuse me, all of these, please!!
P2B2: Yes, miss!

P3B1: Eh?! Eh?!
P3B2: Eh?!
Page 4

P1SFX: Fidget (x2)

P2B1: Urg... How embarrassing... I can feel everyone looking at me...
P2B2: And the skirt feels breezy down there...

P3B: Hey Ageha-chan, do I have to dress like this no matter what?
P4B: You HAVE to. I can't get close to guys, that's why.
Page 5

P2B: Karaoke...?

P3B1: Yeah.
P3B2: You won't be embarrassed if we do it here, right?

P4B1: I still haven't let you hear my song,
P4SFX: Thud!!
P4B2: so please listen for now.

P5B1: Or rather, decide after you listen to it
P5B2: or I won't be content.
Page 6

P1B1: O...
P1B2: Okay...
Page 8

P1B1: A great song...!! I...
P1B2: love this song...!!

P2B: If I were... to sing this song...
Page 9

P1B: How was it?
P1SFX: Startle

P2B: I-It was amazingly wonderful!!
P2SFX: Clap (x3)

P3SFX: Tug

P4B1: See?! I told you!!
P4SFX: Thump
P4B2: It's my proud work after all!!
Page 10

P1F: Sh-She's too close...

P2B1: Well, long ago...
P2B2: I was saved by music...

P4B1: When I was truly in agony... that I didn't know what to do...
P4B2: I heard a song by a certain band.

P5B1: If it wasn't thanks to that song... I wouldn't be here... smiling like I am now...
P5B2: Therefore, this time I wanna give someone courage like that band did...
Page 11

P1B1: There might be girls who are feeling like I used to out there!!
P1B2: I can't stand that... so it's my turn to...

P2F: Huh?!
P4B: L-Looks like I couldn't help telling you this...

P5B1: Anyway...!! I'm serious about that!! I think I'm serious about wanting to compose great music!!
P5B2: To make my dream come true, I need your voice, Pochi!!
Page 12

P2B1: Can you help me?
P2B2: I... I'm really happy... This is the first time... someone has ever told me so...

P3B1: But...
P3B2: But...

P4B1: Creepy!!
P4B2: What's with this voice?! It's ridiculous!!
P4B3: Don't come over here, voice!
P4B4: No way-
Page 13

P1SFX: Sob (x2)

P2B1: Whoa!
P2B2: Why are you crying?!

P3B1: Waaaaah...
P3B2: I can't think it through...

P4B1: Hey...
P4B2: Errm...

P6SFX: Glance (x2)
Page 14

P1B1: Ageha-chan, are they your acquaintances?
P1B2: Eh? Who...?

P3B1: Yaahooo! You two are by yourselves?!
P3B2: Shall we sing together?!

*TL Rant: Fuck this shit!! Why assholes all the time?!*

P4SFX: Clink...
P4B: Stiffen
Page 15

P1B: Wooow ☆ This chick is cute!!
P1SFX: Closer

P3SFX: Vomit

P4B1: Arrgh! She puked!!
P4B2: Why?! Hey!!

P5B1: Oops!! Ageha-chan said she can't stand men...!!
P5F1: Right now I'm dressing like a girl, so I have to take the advantage...
P5B2: I've gotta save her now...!!
Page 16

P1B: S-Stop it!!

P3B1: You're super cute too!
P3B2: Which school are you in?
P3B3: Eh?! U-Um...

*TL Rant: (middle finger)*

P5B1: A-Ageha-cha...!!
P5B2: Wow!! Nice skin you have there!
P5B3: And nice legs to boot!
Page 17

P1SFX: Roll

P2B1: No!! Hey...!! Stop it!!
P2B2: Terrific!! Your voice is cute too! I love it!

*And your face pisses me off the most*

P3B1: Hey babe, let's kiss.
P3SFX1: Thud (x2)
P3SFX2: Speechless...
P3B4: What's your name?
Page 18

P1B1: So cute~
P1B2: Are you embarrassed?
P1B3: St...

P2SFX: Grope

P3B1: S...
P3B2: Stop it...!!

Page 19

P1B: Please stop causing troubles for other customers!!
P2SFX: Tremble (x2)

P4B2: Okie.
P4B3: Hey...

P5SFX: Snap...
P6SFX: Huff... (x2)
P7B: Sorry for running away... I really just... can't stand men...
Page 20

P1B: I-It was my fault. Sorry for being unable to be of help.

P2B1: Puff
P2B2: That was quite a close call for you.

P3B1: Ehehe, getting in such a situation for the first time made my heart pound like crazy.
P3B2: Tee hee hee

P4B1: Seriously...
P4B2: You're so cute.

P5B: Eh...
Page 21

P1B: Your skin is absurdly smooth and nice.

P2B1: I can understand why guys swarm around you.
P2B2: You're just incredibly charming.

P3B1: Th...
P3B2: That can't be...
P3B3: true...

P4B: Say...

P5B1: Pochi... How do you...
P5B2: think about me...?
Page 22

P1B1: W-Well... You can compose music... That's amazing...
P1B2: P-Plus you're... c-cute.

P2SFX: Smile
P2B: Thank you.

P3B1: Well... My meeting with you...
P3B2: I think it was fate...

P4B: I...

P5B1: I've... fallen for you...
P5B2: It can't be anyone... but you...
Page 23

P1SFX: Thump

P2B1: Please...!!
P2B2: Go out with me...!!

P3B1: I didn't think... Ageha-chan would fall for me like this...!!
P3B2: But... I still haven't prepared myself...!!

P4B1: Say...
P4SFX: Hold...
P4B2: Do you agree...?

P5B: What should I do...? What should I do...?
P6SFX: Thump (x2)
P7SFX: Thump (x2)
Page 24

P1B1: Y... Yes...
P1B2: If you're fine with me...

P2B1: R...
P2B2: Really...?

P3SFX1: Hop
P3SFX2: Startle!!
Page 25

P1B1: So it's decided. Our vocalist will be Pochi!!
P1B2: I've fallen in love with your voice.

P2B: Eh?! So you were talking about the vocalist of your band...?
P2SFX: Shocked

P3B1: Eh?
P3B2: Ah, never mind... It's nothing... Really.

P5B1: Ah.
P5SFX: Splash

P6B1: S-Sorry! I spilt it all over you!!
P6B2: I'm fine!
P6B3: Gotta wipe it off-
P6B4: Ah... But...
Page 26+27

P1B: Ah!! That's my...

P2B1 (big bubble): Pomp
P2B2 (elephant): Yan♥
Page 28

P1B1: I almost forgot!!
P1F: Gyaaaaah

P2Side: Tapping at Pochi
P2B1: S-Stop it, Ageha-chan!
P2B2+B3: Tap
P2F: Noooooo
P2B4: It hurts! It hurts!

Bottom: To be continued on May 17th

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