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Josei Danshi chapter 4

As scheduled, the raw was out on 17. However, I only started translating the chapter in 20 evening, so it was a bit later than planned. If you need something to blame, blame Fire Emblem 4 for killing my free time. Now I'm going back for Pangya.

P/S: Next chapter will be out on June 7th. Stay tuned for the news.

Chapter 4 raw


Page 1

Vertical text: Is it fate that binds the two together?
Title: Josei Danshi
Kenmotsu Chiyo
4th: Why are you here...?!
Page 2

P1SFX: Chirp (x2)

P3Side: He somehow became a vocalist...
P3B1: Sigh... I may have gotten her idea wrong...
P3B2: But I have agreed to be their vocalist nonetheless...

P4B: If you are fine with me...
P6B: Hm?
Page 3

P1B: Ageha-chan!!
P2B: No one around here, huh...?
P3B: Morning, Ageha-chan...!
P4B: Ah... Mor-

P5SFX: Smile
P5B: ning...
Page 4


P2SFX: Silent...

P3B1: So... What should I do...
P3B2: to communicate with her from now on...?
Page 5

P3B1: Urh... Impossible... It's just impossible...
P3B2: A guy is... impossible...

P4B1: Besides, how am I supposed to explain to Kotori and Tsubasa?!
P4B2a: I spoke about creating a girl band for girls' sake... Yet he's a guy...
P4B2b: But...
Page 6

P1B: Ageha!

P2B1: Kotori!!
P2B2: Tsubasa!!

P3B1: How was it? Did you find the vocalist?
P3B2: Yeah... Well... Sorta...
P3B3: Hm?
P3F1: So cute♥
P3F2: All three together

P4B: Well, it's just a hypothesis, but what would you do if a guy joins our band?

P5B1: Huh? To begin with, Ageha, isn't it you who will fly into a spasm? It's impossible.
P5B2: I'm just supposing! Yeah, supposing!

P6B1: Hmm? First of all...
P6B2: Maybe castrating him?
Page 7

P1B1: Ignoring...
P1B2: Or maybe killing him♥
P1B3: Yeah... right...
P1B4: Hahahaha...

P2B1: What's wrong?
P2B2: Nah, nothing.

P3B1: Well then, we're leaving soon. But if you find the vocalist, you should introducer her to us quickly.
P3SFX: King Kong Kang...
P3B2: You wanna make it for the culture festival, don't you?

P4B: Got it. I'll do my best.

P5B1: The next one will be a field trip.
P5B2: Science lab...
Page 8

P1B: Phew...

P2B1: It's all too clear that they can't stand guys!!
P2SFX: Clench
P2B2: But it's also true that Pochi's song is great...!!

P3B1: Okay...! I'll have Kotori and Tsubasa listen to his singing voice... And then tell them everything...!!
P3B2a: I'll have the two of them decide by then!!
P3B2b: That's right. In order not to let them judge him with a prejudice basing on how he looks, I must first have them listen to his voice only...!!
Page 9

P3B: Brrr
P4B: My cell phone? A mail?
P5Box & Screen: I need your singing voice. Do you have a sample recording of your voice?

P7Bs: Touch (x2)

P8Box: Well, I have a CD at home, but...
P8B: Beep

P9Text: Your message has been sent.
Page 10

P1B1: Brrr
P1B2: Whoa, so fast!!

P2Box1: That's the stuff! Bring it to school tomorrow, okay?
P2Box2: Ah, hand-to-hand delivery would be impossible, so please put it in my shoe rack☆(^o^)
P2Screen: (Same content as the two boxes combined)

P3B1: Vocalizing, huh... Things sure are progressing fast, but...
P3B2: I wonder how it will turn out...
Page 11

P1B: Huh? Mom isn't home today?

P2B: No other choice... I'll use the key...
P2SFX: Rummage...

P3B1: Huh... Huh...?! The key isn't here!!
P3B2: I forgot it today of all days?!

P4B1: Waaah! Let alone being unable to get home, I can't even get in the very apartment house where I live!!
P4B2: Stupid self-locking device!!

*The borrowed word is read as "mansion", but this is obviously an apartment complex, not a mansion in the English sense*

P5SFX: Clack (x2)
P7B: Lucky!! Somebody has come!! I'll get in with this person!!
Page 12+13

P1SFX: Suddenly...
P1Sign1: Manager's room
P1Sign2 Main: Please contact from the left counter.
P1Sign2 Bottom: Apartment house manager

P2B: A... Ageha-chan...?!
P3B: Po... Pochi?! Why are you here...?!

P4B1: Why, huh...? This place... is my house...
P4F: Don't come near here!!
P4B2: HUH?!
P4B3: It can't be...!! You're saying that we live in the same apartment house...?!

P5B: Thinking back, it was certainly strange that I met Pochi around here this morning...!!
P5F: Morning

P6B1: Eh? But Ageha-chan, you went to different elementary and middle schools, didn't you? When did you start living here?
P6B2: I moved here since I entered high school...
Page 14

P1B1: We've been going to the same school, yet I didn't notice that for more than half a year.
P1B2: Hahaha-

P2B1: S-Step aside for now! I can't get in the house!!
P2B2: I-I'm sorry... I forgot my key... I can't... get in the house...

P3B1: Are you retarded?! Why didn't you go to some friend's house?!
P3B2: Beep
P3B3: Rattle

P5B1: I... have no friends...
P5SFX: Drip (x2)
P5B2: Bweh
P5B3: Like I care!! Are you planning on standing in front of the house doing nothing?!
Page 15

P1SFX: Step (x2)
P2SFX: Step (x2)

P4B1: My apartment... is here...
P4B2: Bweh, so close!!
Page 16

P1B1: I-It's you who was stupid for forgetting the key!!
P1B2: Bye then!!

P2SFX: Slam
P3SFX: Sniffle...

P5B: I'll wait until mom is back...
P5SFX: Shrink...

P6SFX: Stare...

P7B1: Tick
P7B2: Tock
Page 17

P1B: Peek
P1F: It's so hot

P2SFX: Snap

P3B: Peek
P3SFX: Ka-cha...

P5B: Whoa!!
P5SFX: Fow

P6B1: Since you look so pathetic, I have no other choice!!
P6B2: Now... Put that on!!
Page 18

P1B: A wig...

P2B1: Isn't it obvious? I can't stay close to you unless you dress as a girl!!
P2B2: After putting that on... you can... come over here!!

P3B1: Thank you, Ageha-chan!
P3B2: You're so kind♥

P4B: Shut up!
P5B: Pardon my intrusion...
P6SFX: Ka-cha...
Page 19

P1B: Wooow!
P2B: A stunning amount of CD...
P3B: I suppose you have many musical instruments too...

P4B1: Where is your father and your mother?
P4B2: They're at work now. And you, when will your parents come home?
P4B3: I don't know... They're busy people after all... I think they'll mail me, though.
P4Box: She made him change his outfits too.

P5B1: Well, sit wherever you want.
P5SFX: Fump
P5B2: Okay...

P6SFX: Touch...
P7B: Hm?
Page 20

P1SFX: Stretch

P2B: Kyaaaah! Don't touch things as you please!!
P2SFX: Snatch!!

P3B1: Ageha-chan, you're pretty rough at home, aren't you?
P3SFX: Rustle
P3B2: Sh-Shut up!! I didn't plan on calling someone here, so it just couldn't be helped, right?!

P4B1: Go home right away when they mail you, got it?!
P4B2: O... Okay.
Page 21

P1SFX: Glance...

P3B1: Hey Ageha-chan, could you let me
P3B2: hear that song once more?

P4B: I... I don't really mind... but...
Page 22

P3B: No way!! He has already memorized it after listening just once last time?!
P4B: On top of that...
Page 23

P1B: It's great!!
P1SFX: Shudder!!

P2B1: His voice really gives me thrills...!
P2B2: It's amazing...!!

P3B1: It's just like an aphrodisiac. No matter how many times I take... I just want... more... much more...
P3B2: of his voice...!!
Page 24

P1SFX: Drip (x2)

P2B1: Ageha-chan?!
P2SFX: Drip (x2)

P3B: You've... reached my heart...!!

P5B: Whoa!!
P5SFX: Tug
Page 25

P1B1: As I thought... It can't be anyone...
P1B2: but you...!!

P2B1: But... You're a guy, and both the other members of the band, Kotori and Tsubasa, hate guys...
P2B2: Or rather, that's what makes us get along with each other...

P3B: Eh?! Doesn't that mean I'll be in big trouble...?!

P4B1: Yeah... I'm sure they will go against my idea...
P4B2: Still, it's true that your singing is great...!!
P4B3: Therefore, I'm planning to have them listen to your singing voice only, and if they like it...
P4B4: I'll tell them everything... I think that may solve the problem.
Page 26

P1B: I see...

P2B1: So you mean... my voice... well...
P2B2: You mean you're going to tell people about what I've been hiding...?

P3B1: Ah...
P3B2: Sorry...!!
P3B3: So...
P3B4: You have a complex about your voice... and you've been hiding it, right...?

P4B1: I'm sorry... for being so insensible...
P4B2: I haven't told anyone about that.

P5B1: If it's possible... I would prefer that people don't know about me having such a girly voice... despite being...
P5B2: a guy...
Page 27

P1B1: If I keep this a secret from Kotori and Tsubasa and make him the vocalist, things will probably be easier...
P1B2: But then... I'll end up lying to those two...!!

P3B1: I'm sorry... Ageha-chan... I haven't... prepared myself properly, or I should say...
P3B2: I mean...

P4B1: Clatter
P4B2: I'm home!

P5B1: That voice... was it your mother's?
P5B2: Doesn't matter!! Be quiet and sit there, okay?!

P6B1: Ageha-san? Are you there?
P6SFX: Ka-cha...

*Wait, wat? SAN? O_o Flag for step mother, maybe?*

P7B1: Welcome back.
P7SFX: Bow
P7B2: Pardon my intrusion...
Page 28

P1B1: Oh my!! You have such a cute friend!!
P1B2: Welcome!!

P2B1: Ah, but... she's about to go home...
P2B2: Right?
P2B3: Ah, looks like a mail has just arrived...

P3B1: Oh dear, I haven't done anything to entertain you...
P3B2: A-Ageha-chan...

P4B: My dad and my mom say... today is their wedding anniversary, so they will be sleeping outside and won't be coming home...
- Well, mom is going to spend today away from home with dad.
- It's our wedding anniversary after all ☆
- I'm entrusting the house to you~

P5B: HUH?!

P6B1: Wh-What are you... going to do...?
P6B2: Wh-What should I do...
P6B3: Oh, is there something wrong?
Page 29

P1B1: Well... Blah-blah yadda-yadda...
P1B2: So I can't go back home...

P2B1: I see. Why don't you spend tonight here?
P2SFX: Smile
P2B2: You know, it's dangerous for girls to go out alone this late at night.
P2B3: Right?

P3B: Ahhh... If you stay here...

P5Near bottom: Major event came suddenly!!
P5Bottom: To be continued on June 7th

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