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Josei Danshi chapter 5

Just finished the translation this morning. I think this is the best chapter so far, and it also has the least number of lines to boot. More about Ageha's past will probably be told in the next release.

Chapter 5 raw


Page 1

Top: Kenmotsu Chiyo
Diagonal text: Pochi (male) is staying over at the home of Ageha (man-hater)?!
5th: You sure get along well
Title: Josei Danshi
Page 2

P1SFX1: Panic (x2)
P1SFX2: Sweat (x2)

P2B: No way! Kanae-san, what about your job? That will cause you troubles!
P3B: Kanae-san? She's not her mother?
P4B: I don't mind. The more people, the better my cooking is worth after all♥

P5B2: Showing him into my room already called for my courage, and now she's telling him to stay over?!
P5B3: What if I say that he's actually a boy right here and right now?! No, like hell I can say that...!! She'll wonder what the heck I'm doing as well...!! NOOOOO!!
Page 3

P1B: Well then, just wait for a while. I'm going to prepare the meal.

P2B: Ah...
P2SFX: Snap...

P4B1: S-Sorry...
P4B2: Idiot!! It's all because you forgot your key!!

P5B1: Today you're a girl starting from this moment!! You REALLY are a girl now, got it?!
P5B2: Bear that in mind and behave yourself, okay?!
P5SFX: Buzz
P5B3: Fump
P5B4: Okay...
Page 4

P2B1: I know you really can't stand boys. I'm sorry.
P2B2: But why do you hate them so much?

P3B1: That's none of your business!!
P3SFX1: Buzz (x2)
P3SFX2: Fump (x2)
P3B2: Whoa-

P4SFX: Silent...

P5B1: I'll be using the Internet, so move over there and read books or listening to some CDs however you want...
P5B2: O-Okay, I got it.
Page 5

P1B1: Ah,
P1B2: toothbrush...

P2B1: I need a toothbrush, so I'm going to buy one at the convenience store.
P2SFX: Ka-cha...
P2B2: 'kay~

P3B2: See you.
P5B: Oh? Where are you going?
P6B: Ah, I'm going to the convenience store to buy a toothbrush...
Page 6

P1B1: My my, don't you know we have ones in reserve for guests?
P1B2: How about using one?
P1B3: It's right at the washstand.
P1B4: Eh?

P2B1: Also, the bath is ready now.
P2B2: Why don't you get in while you're going to pick the thing up? I've prepared clothes for a change.

P3B: Eh? Well...

P4B1: Now now, this way, this way.
P4B2+B3: Whoa (x2)

P6SFX: Open
Page 7

P1SFX: Gulp...

P2B1: Oh, Ageha-san?
P2B2: Ah, I'm a little thirsty...

P3B: The bath is ready. Will you get in now?
P4B: The bath...

P5B: Guess I'll get in while Pochi is going out...
P5SFX: Slurp...

P6B1: Okay, I'll get in then.
Page 8

P1B: Ah.
P2B: Her friend is now...

P3B1: Never mind. There should be no problem even if they get in together.
P3SFX: Turn around
P3B2: Hm-hm♪

P4SFX: Slide
Page 9

P4B: Did I just get fatter?
Page 10

P1B: Hm hm hmm
P2SFX: Scrub (x2)
P3B: It's so hot... I wanna take this wig off, but...
P4B1+B2: Rustle (x2)

P5B1: Her mother has come again. It seems she's doing something else for me...
P5B2: I better don't take it off...
Page 11

P1SFX: Squeak
P2SFX: Cascade
P3B1+B2: Rustle (x2)

P4B: She's still there...
P4SFX: Thump (x2)

P6SFX: Ka-cha

P7B1: Eh?! She's coming in?!
P7B2: N-No good!! I can't let her see my...!!

P8B: W... Wait...!!
P8SFX: Outburst!!
Page 12+13

P2B: A-Ageha-chan?!
Page 14


P2B1: No!! No way!! Seriously, why the heck are you here?!
P2B2: S-Sorry.
P2B3: G-Gotta get out... and take a towel...!!

P3SFX: Slip

P5B1: Watch out!!
P5B2: Ageha-chan!!
Page 15

P2SFX: Squeeze...

P3B2: Where the hell are you touching?!

P4B1: S-Sorry!!
P4B2: Indecent!! Pervert!!

P5SFX: Dash

P6B: What's wrong, Ageha-san?! I heard a huge sound!!
P6SFX: Burst open
Page 16

P2B1: W-We were just playing a little.
P2B2: Pardon me if I made you frightened...

P3B Main: I'll kill you if you turn around here...!!
P3B Bottom: Whisper...
P3SFX1: Shudder (x2)
P3SFX2: Grip
Page 17

P1B1: B... Behind me is Ageha-chan, naked...!!
P1SFX: Thump (x2)
P1B2: Her thighs are TOUCHING my butt.

P2SFX1: Grip...
P2SFX2: Fidget (x2)

P3B Main: N-No...!! Don't move...!!
P3B Bottom: Sneak...
P3SFX: Startle

P4B1: S-Sorry...
P4B2: Ah-

P5SFX: Tighten...
Page 18

P1SFX: Squish

P2B1: H... Her... Her chest is TOUCHING me!!
P2SFX: Thump (x2)
P2B2: It's squishing!! It's squishing!!
Page 19

P1B1: My my, you sure get along well. Just don't play around too much, okay?
P1B2: *Giggle*


P3SFX1: Snap...
P3SFX2: Thump (x3)

P4B1: Idiot!! Dumbass!! Pervert!!
P4SFX: Splash! (x2)
P4B2: Whoa, s-sorry!! B-But I didn't do it on purpose!!

P5SFX: Halt

P6B1: N-No!!
P6B2: Didn't I tell you not to look over here?!

P7SFX: Thump
Page 20

P2F: Groan...
P3SFX: Ba-dump!! (x2)
Page 21

P1B1: I-I'm sorry, Ageha-chan!!
P1B2: I'll get out right away!!

P2B1: Ah!! Wait!!
P2B2: That would be...

P3SFX: Splash
Page 22

P5SFX: Splash
P5B1+B2: Bubble (x2)
Page 23

P1B1: Ageha-chan!! Ageha-chan!!
P1B2: Get a hold of yourself-

P3SFX: Ta-da!!
P4B: I've worked hard on this! Eat as much as you can, okay?

P5B1: Wow!! They look delicious!! Itadakimaaasu!
P5B2: Itadakimasu...
*Or "I'm digging in" if you prefer translation*
Page 24

P1B1: I'm so glad that Ageha-san has such a cute friend♥
P1B2: Do people often say that your voice is amazingly adorable?
P1SFX: Blush
P1B3: Eh? No way...?

P2B: Have you gotten used to your school, Ageha-san?
P3B: Yes... Thanks to you.

P4B1: I see! It's great to hear that!
P4B2: Oh and by the way, dear. Just now...
Page 25

P2B1: Pochi, you leave here one hour early tomorrow!

P3B1: You're a guy when you go to school, right? What are you gonna do if Kanae-san sees you?!
P3B2: Oh, I see!
P3B3: Pardon me. I got it now...

P4B: Seriously... Well, let's get to sleep.
P4SFX: Beep
Page 26

P1B: H-Hey.
P2B2: Hm?

P3B1: Ageha-chan, can I take it that...
P3B2: Kanae-san is your mother?

P5B1: That has nothing...
P5B2: to do with you.

P6B: S... Sorry...
Page 27

P1B2: Good night...
Page 28

- I'm going to school ahead!
- Thank you for yesterday!
- From Pochi

P2B2: I know that things can't keep on like this... But still...
P2B3: Scary things are scary...
P2Near bottom: What kind of circumstance does Ageha have...
P2Bottom: To be continued on June 21

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