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Jashin-chan Dropkick chapter 1

Before you read the translation, I'd like to post some stuff related to the topic. Of course it's not really important, so if you don't care, just skip and head to the translation below.

To begin, a few days ago, a friend of mine sent me the website of Comic Meteor and asked if there is a manga I'd be interested in translating. I then paid attention to this manga since it has the best artwork out of 9 series. Then I noticed that it is bimonthly, and the first chapter is only 12 pages long (one was black to boot), so I gave it a try.

For all who may be interested to have a quick look at the manga before reading, see to get a glimpse. I found it yesterday while searching for information related to the manga.

As a side note, the "English" title of the manga is apparently modified from the google translation of the Japanese title:|en|邪神ちゃんドロップキック

Moreover, there's a scanlated version posted on jcafe, but I don't think you should read it because there is quite a large number of translation errors in the release. Apparently the translator is still a beginner in Japanese and can't even read simple phrases when they are hand-written, plus he guessed too much (notably mistranslating 受け身 (ukemi) as "Are you serious?"). That's why I still kept translating the chapter and posted it here. As usual, feel free to use my translation to typeset and fix any grammatical error you can find since I'm not a native English speaker. Now enjoy the first chapter of the manga about a gothic loli college girl living with a lamia who always tries to kill her but instead gets pwned by the girl. Chapter 2 will be out on 27.

Chapter 1 raw


Page 1

Vertical text: A girl with teenage sickness and an evil god... is starting to live together?
Chapter 1: Death-guaranteed dropkick
Diagonal text: Yukiwo
Page 3

P2Box1 - Her name is Hanazono Yurine.
P2Box2 - She is the strongest black conjurer on earth, who makes demons' intentions known to people.

P3Box1 - People fear her and call her
P3Box2 - Black Xavier the Evil Missionary.

Note: Named after St. Francis Xavier, a pioneering Roman Catholic missionary in the 16th century (see wiki)

P4Box1 - However, all of the above are just a fantasy in her brain.
P4B - Clatter
P4Box2 - In reality, she's just a college girl who likes horror movies about black magic and demonology, and has little bit of a cruel heart.

P5Box - But still, just the other day,
P6B - something almost unbelievable, even to the girl with teenage sickness, happened.
Page 4

P1Box - She accidentally succeeded in summoning a demon.
P1B - Welcome back.

P2SFX - Snap
P2B - I'm back, Jashin-chan.

Note: Jashin means "Evil God". Left the name as it is because "Evil God-chan" sounds retard as fuck.

P3Box1 - The being called Jashin-chan is this demon.
P3Box2 - The lower half of her body is that of a snake (or more precisely, a cobra), and the upper half is that of a girl.
P3Box3 - Her image is exactly that of a demon. She is clearly a demon for whoever looking at her!
Page 5

P1B1 - Have you found a way for me to return to the demon world?
P1B2 - I've done some research at the library on my way home from school, but haven't found anything at all.
P1B3 - Flush

P2B1 - How come an evil god like me has to live with a human...
P2F - Groan
P2B2 - Well, I don't wanna live with a demon either.

P4B - Then as you wish, I shall gladly beat you to death!
P4Left - ☆This story is all fiction. It has nothing to do with any character or organization in the reality.

P5B - Death-guaranteed dropkick!!
P5Box - Jashin-chan sometimes shows her atrocious side and starts attacking!!
Page 6

P1Box - Living with a demon means adjoining oneself with death all the time!

P2F (right of the SFX) - Safe fall
P2B - Thud...

P3B1 - Hey, died?
P3B2 - Have you died?

P4B1 - ...So you tried to kill me again...
P4SFX - Rise up...
Page 7

P1B - Why?! Why didn't my death-guaranteed dropkick work?
P2B - What are you planning?

P4B1 - I...
P4B2 - I can be forced to return to the demon world if the summoner dies, that's why...

P5B - Didn't I tell you to wait because I'll find a way for you to return...?
P6B - I... I don't take instructions from humans!!
P7B - Oh really?
Page 8

P3SFX1 - Roll (x3)
P3SFX2 - Rebound (x2)
P3B2 - Ahaha, serve you right for trying to kill me.

P4B1 - Grr~ You're just a human! Just a mere human! I'll fucking kill you someday...
P4B2 - Oh, I knew you'd say that.

P5B1 - Just so you know, the next strike will be on your torso, not your tail.
P5SFX - Buzz (x2)
P5B2 - NOOOO!!
Page 9

P2B1 - How annoying... I just warned the next-door neighbor the other day, but I guess that didn't work somehow.
P2B2 - I-I'll go take care of that!
P2B3 - I'm saved...

P3B1 - Can you do something about it?
P3SFX - Ga-cha
P3B2 - I will show you how amazing an evil god is.

P4SFX - Snap

P6SFX - Halt...
P6B - Oh... It's become quiet...
Page 10

P1F - Phew
P1B - It's quiet now.
P1SFX - Snap

P2B1 - Wow, that's a lot of blood.
P2B2 - What did you just do?

P3B - ...Feel free to imagine it.

P4B1 - Hmph.
P4B2 - Well, doesn't matter as long as it's quiet, though.
P4B3 - It's scary how her expression hasn't changed one bit even after seeing me coming back with blood all over the body...

P5B1 - Well then, next, prepare the meal for me.
P5B2 - You rude human of a demon user!!
P5F - Guess I'll give you a shower first
Page 11

P2B1 - Okay, we can't waste the electricity, so let's go to bed.
P2B2 - Sure.

P3SFX - Flick
P3B - I'll kill you off when you turn off the light and let your guard down!

P4SFX - Sneak...

P5B - You fool! Don't you dare let your guard down!
P5SFX - Plunge
Page 12


P2B - Urrgh... Damn you, sleeping on an anti-demon cushion...
P2SFX - Grumble

P4B - Dammit! Dammit!!
P4SFX1 - zzz (x2)
P4SFX2 - Bam (x2)
P4Box - This is still just the beginning of the strange cohabitation between Jashin-chan and Yurine.
P4Bottom1 - Could Yurine-sama's eye-patch be a gadget...? Please feel free to leave a message to cheer Jashin-chan up.
P4Bottom2 - To be continued in the next update

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