Saturday, June 23, 2012

Josei Danshi chapter 6

Shortest chapter so far. Pochi sure has rotten luck btw.

Chapter 6 raw


Page 1

Title: Josei Danshi
Kenmotsu Chiyo
P1Diagonal text: Ending a heart-pounding night, heading to school.
6th: Must be this girl!!

P2SFX: Rumble (x2)
Page 2

P1B1: I'm so glad... that things ended without me being found out by the lady...
P1B2: Still, what should I do from now on?
P1SFX: Rumble... (x2)
P1B3: Should I keep cross-dressing and singing...?

P2B: Hm?
P3SFX: Sneak... (x2)
P4SFX: Grope
Page 3

P1SFX1: Clatter...
P1B1+B2: Huff (x2)
P1B3+B4: Rub (x2)
P1SFX2: Rumble...

P2B1: A... A molester!!
P2B2: What should I do...?!

P3B: Huh?

P4B1: I'll approach them, pretend to be the girl and scream!
P4B2: Stop it!
P4B3: If I do so, he should be surprised and stop...!!

P5SFX: Sneak... (x2)

P6B1: This is why I HATE men...!!
P6B2: What's so fun about touching breasts...?!
Page 4

*Reversed the bubbles for better word order*

P2SFX: Grab
P3SFX: Startle

P5SFX: Tug!!
P6B: Eh?
Page 5

P2B: Eh?

P3B1: No way!! A student?!
P3SFX: Noisy (x2)
P3B2: You're the worst!!

P4SFX: Buzz (x2)

P5B1: N... No... That man...!! That man is...!!
P5B2: What kind of excuse are you trying to make?!
Page 6

P1B1: Wh-What should I do?! It wasn't me...!!
P1B2: But if I speak in front of so many people, they'll all hear my girly voice!!
P1B3: I'll be embarrassed... What should I do...?!

P2SFX1: Open
P2SFX2: Taken aback

P3B: Ah
P3SFX: Burst!!

P4B: I'm escaping by reflex!!
P5B: H... Hold it!!
Page 7

P1B: Um...
P1SFX: Point...

P2B: The molester... is this man...!! I saw him groping you!!
P3B: Eh...?

P5B1: Whew... I escaped... Does this mean I've just become a molester...?
P5SFX1: Trudge...
P5B2: I hope I will never run into that girl again...
P5SFX2: Sigh
Page 8

P1SFX1: Chatter (x2)
P1SFX2: Trudge (x2)


P3B1: Stupid bro!! It's only the morning and you're already making dirty jokes?!
P3B2: Oh shaddap!! &#*@&(@*!!
P3B3: Uheeeh!!
P3B4: So noisy...

P4B1: Big sis too, come have some fun now!! Darkie!!
P4B2: Gyahaha!!

P5B1: How can I have fun being surrounded by you all...
Page 9

P1SFX: Giggle (x2)
P2SFX: Sneak...
P3SFX: Flip

P4B: Whoa!! I saw it...!!
P4SFX: Laughter (x3)
Page 10

P1SFX1: Turn around
P1SFX2: Thump

P2B: Eh?
Page 11


P3F: Hmph
P3SFX: Run
P3B: It wasn't me!!

P4B1: Hey Tsubasa, that person got nothing to do with it.
P4B2: The culprits are these midgets.
P4SFX: Flap (x2)

P5B1: Eh...? Uh...
P5B2: I got the wrong person...
Page 12

P2SFX: Stagger...

P3B1: Arrrrgh!! Today is so horrible!!
P3B2: I don't wanna run into the two in the morning again!!

P4SFX: Clatter...

P5B1: I brought the CD... with my song in it...
P5F1: I'm home
P5F2: Huh? Where have you been?
P5B2: Mom and dad coming back home early this morning really saved me the trouble. I got to enter my apartment...
Page 13

P1B: Should I just put it in Ageha-chan's shoe rack?
P1SFX: Look around

P3SFX: King Kong...

P4F1: Ahaha
P4F2: Let's eat together
P4F3: Where shall we eat our boxed lunch?

P5SFX: Brrr... (x2)

P6B1: Ah... It's Ageha-chan...
P6SFX: Look around (x2)
P6B2: Beep

P7B1: Hello...?
P7SFX: Sneak...
P7B2: Oh, thanks for the CD. Right now I'm with the members. I'm going to have the two of them listen to it now.
Page 14

P1B: Eh? O-Okay...
P1SFX: Glance...

P2B1: Ah, Ageha-chan...
P2B2: So she's right nearby...
P2B3: Hm...? Could the two next to her be the members...?
Page 15

P1B1: Th... The two from this morning...?!
P1SFX: Ba-dump (x2)
P1B2: D-D-D-D-Don't tell me... the members are...!!

P2B1: A-Ageha-chan... Could the members you mentioned be the two standing next to you right now...?!
P2B2: Eh? Are they in your sight? That's right, but...

P3B: A... Actually... This morning... Blah-blah yadda-yadda...

P4B2: They mistook you for molesters?!

P5SFX: Turn around

P6B1: Hey you!! What the heck did you do?! Be it that your song is good or whatever, there's no way they'd let you off the hook with all of that!!
P6B2: I-I'm sorry... But...
Page 16+17

P1B: Let's listen to the CD while Ageha is on her phone♥
P1SFX1: Nod
P1SFX2: Open

P2SFX: Click...
P3SFX: Rustle
P4SFX: Thrill
Page 18

P4B: Sigh...

P5B1: As I thought, making a guy like Pochi our vocalist is just out of the question...
P5B2: Do I have no choice but to give up on his voice now...?

P6B1: Ageha...
P6B2: Hm?
Page 19

P1B1: This voice... is ultra-great!! Our vocalist must be this girl!!
P1B2: Let us meet her!!

P2B1: Eh...?
P2B2: Really...?!
Page 20

P1B: See?! I was also thinking that we must choose her, not anyone else!!
P2SFX: Startle

P3B1: Oh wait!!
P3F: Waaan, Ageha-chaaan! They mistook me for molesters!
P3B2: I can't let him meet them!!

P4B1: Now we can form our girl band for girls' sake!!
P4SFX1: Nod
P4F: Kyah (x2)
P4SFX2: Drip (x3)
P4B2: Y... Yeah...
P4B3: Wh... What should I do?!
P4Diagonal text: A heap of problems...
P4Bottom left: To be continued on July 5th