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Josei Danshi chapter 7

Just wanna say that Kotori has a really gorgeous bra.

Chapter 7 raw


Page 1

P1B: Kotori and Tsubasa are now mistaking Pochi for a pervert.
P1F1: You're the worst!
P1F2: Waaan

P2B1: Still, the two of them are content with his voice...
P2B2: To be frank, just like them, I don't think there's anyone who can sing better than he does... But then again, despite having an incredibly cute and girly voice, Pochi is a guy!!
P2 (between B2&B3): And a molester to boot!
P2B3: How am I supposed to explain to Kotori and Tsubasa?!

P3B: So it's already decided that our vocalist will be this girl, right?!
P3SFX: Nod
P3Title: Josei Danshi
P3Left: Will Pochi be able to become a member?!

P4B1: Y...
P4B2: Yeah...
P4SFX: Shudder (x2)
P4B3: What should I do?!
Page 2

Title: Josei Danshi
Diagonal text: Volume 1 has been set for release in August!!

7th: The vocalist girl?!
Kenmotsu Chiyo
Page 3

P1B1: When can we meet the vocalist?
P1B2: Eh?

P2B1: Huh?! I wonder when. I-I'll be asking her again!
P2B2: M-Maybe she'll say she can't do it... though...

P3B1: Why?
P3B2: Ah, well, you see, there's all sorts of reason...
P3B3: Hmm...

P4B1: Never mind. Just ask the vocalist girl.
P4B2: Also, you can just tell her that we're very pleased with her!
P4B3: Y-Yeah, I got it...
Page 4

P1SFX: King Kong...

P2B1: Okay then Ageha, we'll contact you again!
P2B2: Y-Yeah...

P3SFX: Clack...
P4B: What should I do?
Page 5

P1SFX: Beep beep...
P2Phone: Come to the clubroom after classes are over. We'll be discussing.

P4SFX: King Kong Kang
P5Sign: Light music club
Page 6

P1B1: Haaah, you've really put me at stake...
P1B2: How in the world am I supposed to speak with those two now...

P2B1: I'm sorry... Ageha-chan...
P2B2: Also...

P3B: Can I at least not crossdress at school?
Page 7

P1SFX: Fidget (x2)

P2B1: You can't!! That way I won't be able to get close to you!!
P2B2: Cell phones take charge to use, so it's difficult to talk over them for long...
*Ah yeah, money*
P2B3: Plus nobody is coming here today, so it should be fine!!

P3B: So, what do you wanna do?
P4B: Eh?

P5B1: Becoming our vocalist, you know!! Do you wanna give it up if you're hated so much?
P5B2: I mean with your singing, even without banding with us...
Page 8

P1B1: Th... That's...
P1B2: not the case!!

P3B1: I think your song was wonderful, Ageha-chan...
P3B2: Besides... You're also the first one to praise my voice...
Page 9

P1B1: Therefore, I wanna engage in music with you!!
P1B2: I wanna try singing your songs!!

P2B: ...Pochi...

P4B1: Thank you... I wanna play music with you, too...
P4B2: Ageha-chan...
Page 10

P1B1: However, for that very reason, I want us to make both of them...
P1B2: accept you after telling them the truth.

P2B: Urg...

P3B1: It's true that you were unlucky to be suspected of molesting, but you actually haven't done it, right?!
P3B2: In that case, if you sincerely give them an explanation, they will understand it for you as well!! I'll explain it together with you after all!!

P4B1: Urg...
P4B2: Okay?
Page 11

P1B1: I-I got it!! I'll do my best so that I can sing...!!
P1B2: I'll have them forgive me even if I have to kneel down...!!

P2B: ...So it's decided!

P3B: Well, I'll probably have you crossdress when you're with me, though...
P3SFX: Mutter (x2)

P4SFX: Brrr... (x2)

P5B1: Ah, Eiko!! Pardon me. I'm going out!
P5SFX: Beep
P5B2: Hello?

P6B1: What's up?
P6SFX: Slide...
P6B2: Eh, oh, yeah.
Page 12

P1SFX1: Slide...
P1SFX2: Snap...

P2SFX: Dangle... (x2)
P3SFX: Glance...
P5SFX: Glance...
Page 13

P1B1: Music is born in this place...!!
P1SFX: Thump (x2)
P1B2: From now on, I'll also be taking part in new music here...!!

P2SFX: Clack... (x2)
P3B: Ageha-chan? She's come back?
P4SFX: Pull
P5SFX: Slide
Page 14+15

P2B1: Eh?! The two band members?!
P2B2: Wasn't there supposed to be nobody coming here today?!

P3B1: Huh? Who are you? A friend of Ageha?

P4B: Sorry, Tsubasa, for saying that I suddenly came up with it and asking you to come here with me.
P4SFX: Shake (x2)

P5SFX: Ba-dump (x2)
Page 16

P1B: I think it was here...
P1SFX: Rummage (x2)

P2B1: Found it! My casual outfit!
P2SFX: Ta-da
P2B2: I'll change into it here and then go out to play♥

P3B: Do you mind if we get changed here?
Page 17

P1SFX: Strip
P2SFX: Fow
P3B: N... NO GOOD!!
Page 18

P1SFX: Run
P2SFX: Tug!!
Page 19

P1B1: Eh...? The voice just now...
P1B2: The vocalist's...

P2B: Oww...
P2SFX: Step

P3B1: Hey...
P3B2: You...
Page 20

P1B: Could you be the vocalist girl Ageha told us about?
P1SFX: Ta-da

P2B: And that's why you're here?
P2SFX: Taa-daa

P3SFX: Ba-dump (x2)
Page 21

P1B1: Now, can you stand up?
P1SFX: Tug
P1B2: Eh

P2B: Uh-oh

P3SFX: Blush!!
Page 22

P1B: Oopsie sorry, it's been a while since my friend called...
P1SFX: Slide...

P3B: A-Ageha-chan!!
P3SFX: Outburst

P4B1: Po-Pochi?! Eh?! Kotori?! Tsubasa?! Wh-Why are you here?!
P4B2: Aren't you two going out today...?!
Page 23

P1B1: Ageha, is this girl the vocalist girl?!
P1SFX: Hug
P1B2: Her voice has to be the voice! Am I right?

P4B1: Wh... What kind of situation is this...?! If I tell those two that Pochi is a guy now... they'll kill him...
P4SFX: Sweat (x2)
P4B2: W... Well...
Page 24

P1B1: B-But... I just said that I wouldn't lie to them...
P1B2: not too long ago...

P2SFX: Startle
P3SFX: Tear (x3)

P4Eye: Help me (x3)
P4SFX: Tear (x3)

P5B1: Isn't she cute?!
P5SFX: Hug
P5B2: Introduce her to us, Ageha!
Page 25

P1B1: Th...
P1B2: That girl...
P1B3: That girl is...

P2B1: They might have gotten him wrong in the molesting case, but there's no way he can make an excuse for the current situation...!!
P2B2: What am I... supposed to do...?!

P3B1: In order to break down this situation...
P3B2: That girl is... the vocalist...
P3B3: In order to... In order to create a smooth change for the better...!!
Page 26

P1B1: the vocalist...
P1B2: GIRL, Pochi.
Page 27


P2B1: Nice to meet you!! Pochi!! Oh wait, is that a nickname?!
P2B2: Y... Yeah...
P2B3: Sounds odd...

P3B: Now the formation of our band "Sora" is decided!!
P3SFX: Hug!!
Page 28

P2Box: Ageha in her mind
P2Bottom middle: Leaving the problem as it is, his entry is decided.
P2Bottom left: To be continued on July 19

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