Sunday, July 22, 2012

Josei Danshi chapter 8

Pretty entertaining chapter, albeit being pretty typical.

Chapter 8 raw


Page 1

Diagonal text 1: Volume 1 has been set for release in August!!
Title: Josei Danshi

Diagonal text 2: Pochi is going to sing in the farm of music??

8th: We!!
Kenmotsu Chiyo
Page 2

P2SFX: Chatter... (x2)
P3Right: An ordinary day of Pochi.

P4Box1: The next day after I was decided to become a vocalist...
P4Box2: I wondered if something would change...
P4Box3: But my life as a guy was still the same as ever.
Page 3

P1B1: Hey Pochi.
P1B3: Go buy us some drinks.

P2SFX: Nod... (x2)
P3SFX: Noisy (x2)

P4B1: Drink...
P4B2: So many... people...
Page 4

P1B1+B2: Tap (x2)
P1F: And then...

P2B1: Those three are so cute♥
P2B2: I wish I were born like that♥
*And here comes the trope "Even the girls want them", lolz*

P3B1: Ageha got mad at me when I greeted her.
P3B2 Main: Idiot.
P3B2 Side: Hahaha

P4B1: When leading a school life like usual, Ageha-chan's group and I...
P4B2: really are... distant beings...
Page 5

P1SFX: Beep beep
P2B: Beep

- Ageha-chan
- Come to the clubroom after classes are over. You're going to crossdress before Kotori and Tsubasa come!!

P5Box: I thought my life... would still be the same as usual, but...
P5Sign: Light music club
P5B1: Hurry up!! Kotori and Tsubasa are coming!!
P5B2: H-Hold it for a second...
Page 6


P2B1: Oww...
P2B2: Looks like I still haven't gotten used to skirts...
P2B3: It feels breezy down there...

P3B1: Geez...
P3B2: Deal with it already...
Page 7

P1SFX: Step... (x3)

P2B1: Taa-daa!! Has everyone come?!
P2SFX: Slide

P3B1: We've bought some sweets and drinks!
P3B2: Let's throw a party to welcome Pochi♥

P4B1: Okay, here's Pochi's drink♥
P4B2: Eh? F-For me...?

P5B1: A drink...
P5B3: They went and bought it for me...
Page 8

P1Sign: Light music club

P3B1: And now our band "Sora" is formed!!
P3B2: Nice to work with you...
P3B3: Y... Yeah, my pleasure...!!

P4SFX1: Stare
P4SFX2: Look over
Page 9

P1B1: Pochi is so cute♥♥
P1SFX: Hug!!

P2B1: Not only that your voice is cute, but you also look cute!! I feel like stroking your head since you look like a small animal!!

P3B1: Not fair...
P3B2: Hehe♥
P3SFX: Reach out...

P4B: Now, you are making P-Pochi feel troubled...
P4SFX: Sweat (x2)

P5SFX: Thump (x2)
Page 10

P1B1: Hah!!
P1B2: I forgot an important matter!!

P2B1: Pochi...
P2SFX: Stare...
P2B2: Eh...?

P3B1: Do you...
P3B2: have a boyfriend?

P4SFX: Silent...
Page 11

P1B1: I...
P1B2: I don't have one...

P2B1: Thank goodness!!
P2SFX: Relieved
P2B2: Well, but telling you to give up on becoming a vocalist because you had one is just out of the question!

P3B1: The three of us all hate men for various reasons, though.
P3B2: It'll be a serious matter if a guy joins us.
Page 12

P1SFX: Drip (x3)
P1B: Well, I am / Pochi is a guy, though!!
*Two similar lines in one bubble. Need to be typeset specially*

P2B1: Right, Tsubasa♪
P2B2: Men... are filthy...
P2B3: I hate them...
P2SFX: Nod...

P3B1: Hey Pochi, what kind of music do you listen to?
P3B2: Eh?

P4B1: Let me see... Craft Times... and Identity...
P4B2: are my favorites, I guess...
Page 13

P1B: Ehh!! That's cool!! I love that song too!!

P2B1: Well, I can play that song.
P2SFX: Clatter
P2B2: Nice...

P3SFX: Fump

P6B: A... Amazing...
Page 14

P1B1: There, don't sit still doing nothing...
P1B2: Sing along with it.

P2B: Eh...?
Page 15

P1SFX: Inhale...
Page 16

P1B: A... Amazing...!!
P1SFX: Thrill...

P4SFX: Pick up
P5SFX: Drum (x5)
Page 17

P2B1: A... Amazing...!! Everyone's sounds and my singing are getting together...
P2B2: and turning into music...!!

P3B1: So this is a band...
P3B2: It sounds completely different from when I sang alone...!!
Page 18+19

P1B1: I had no idea...
P1B2: that music performed by everyone altogether would be so fun...!!
Page 20

P2SFX: Pop
P2B2: Our first musical tuning was a huge success!!

P3B1: No, we were the best!!
P3B2: It was really fun...
Page 21

P1B: Yeah! That was very nice! If we practice, we'll get even better!

P2B1: Geez, Ageha is just so serious.
P2B2: Hey! I'm serious about music, you know!
P2B3: Tee-hee, okie dokie.
Page 22

P1B: I was all alone as a guy until just a short while ago...
P3B: Yet now...
Page 23

P1F1: Kyah
P1F2: Hahaha

P5B1: What's wrong, Pochi?
P5B2: Eh?! Well...
Page 24

P1B2: I'm grateful...

P3B1: When I think about how everyone spoke well of my voice...
P3B2: and how I get to engage in music with everyone...
P3B3: For some reason, my heart tightens...
P3B4: and becomes so warm...
Page 25

P1B: Hee hee...

P2B1: It's because I found you...
P2SFX: Grab!!
P2B3: Our greatest vocalist!!

P3B: Hey you two, let's grab some takoyaki bites on our way home♥
Note: Takoyaki = Octopus dumpling

P4B1: Sounds great! Let's go, Pochi!!
P4B2: O...
P4B3: Okay...!!

P5SFX: Step (x2)
Page 26

P1B: Even with me being like this...

P2B: I really did... make some friends...!!
P2Diagonal text: An ever-changing daily life.
P2Bottom: To be continued on August 2nd


  1. Lol. If pochi has a boyfriend, he would be classified as gay. But he is a cross dresser so all's wells that ends well

  2. Lol, it's rare to see a comment here. Glad to see there are people who would visit my blog to read instead of just reading scanlation :)