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Jashin-chan Dropkick chapter 3

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Chapter 3 raw


Page 1

Top - Chapter 3: The second killing move
Title - Jashin-chan Dropkick

>Summary until last chapter
Jashin-chan continued to fail at targeting Yurine's life so that she could return to the demon world. Now that things have come to this, she has no choice but to unleash it... unleash that forbidden second killing move of hers! Go for it, Jashin-chan!

>Character introduction
+ Hanazono Yurine
A somewhat-blackened college girl who lives in an apartment built in the Shouwa era.
+ Jashin-chan
The demon summoned by Yurine. Can only return to the demon world either by means of a returning incantation or in case her summoner dies.
+ Azusa #2 (Azu-nyan)
The pet hell-bambi that Jashin-chan purchased. R.I.P after an unfortunate accident by eating a dropkick.

Bottom - ・This story is all fiction. It has nothing to do with any character or organization in the reality.
Page 2

P1Title - Jashin-chan Dropkick
P1Bottom - Chapter 3: The second killing move
P1B - ...There we have another creepy creature...

P2B1 - It's Tangan-chan.
Note: Tangan = One-eyed
P2B2 - What the hell is that?
P2B3 - He's a lesser demon for messaging purposes.

P3B1 - Jashin-sama, I am notifying you because you have received bonus by leveling up.
P3F - Waai
P3B2 - Yaay~!!

P4B - Now if you will excuse me.
P4SFX - Hail
Page 3

P1SFX - Ka-boom
P2B - It exploded...?!

P3B1 - Tangan-chan is bound to self-destruct and die when he finishes telling his message...
P3B2 - How heroic...
P3SFX - Smoky

P4B1 - But after this, he'll come back to life immediately in the demon world and be reborn as a one-rank-higher demon.
P4B2 - Heh.

P5B1 - By the way, Jashin-chan.
P5B2 - The last time you also said something about leveling up, but what is there for you if you level up?
Page 4

P1B1 - I'll receive the bonus, and probably many privileges in addition.
P1B2 - Privileges?

P2B1 - Free train tickets...
P2B2 - plus high-class hotel lodging coupons, I guess. And then substantial discount coupons for supermarket...

P3B1 - I may receive even more stuff!
P3B2 - What's with all of those? Sounds like complimentary tickets for shareholders.
P3F - Or rather, who would've thought there would be supermarkets in the demon world...

P4B - This is also thanks to Azusa #2.
P5B - Thank you, Azusa #2.
P5F - Offering
P5Candy bag - Unhappy turn
P5Sign - F-Korietz
Page 5

P1B1 - Oh~! I miss the demon world so much.
P1B2 - I wonder how my mom, my dad, and my friend Medusa is doing~

P2B - It's all because I now can't go home no thanks to someone summoned me half for fun.
P2SFX - Glance (x2)

P3B1 - Why don't you just go back on your own?
P3B2 - The demon world's laws are absolute!

P4B - Demons summoned by humans are not allowed to return to the demon world until they are sent back by means of a returning incantation or until the summoning human dies...
P4SFX - Tear
Page 6

P1B1 - It's quite a troublesome rule that demons that came to the human world by their own will can freely return, yet summoned ones can't, huh...
P1F - Boohoo
P1B2 - That's true...

P2B - ...therefore...
P2SFX - Glance

P3B1 - Die, Yurine!!
P3SFX - Outburst
P3B2 - By my second killing move on par with Death-Guaranteed Dropkick... Royal Copenhagen!!
Page 7

P1SFX - Block
P2SFX - Slap
P3SFX - Jerk

P5B - Not bad!
P5SFX - Smirk...
Page 8

P1B - ...So you were attempting to kill me again...
P2SFX - Startle
P3B - I did tell you to wait because I'll find the returning incantation...

P4B1 - Didn't I?
P4B2 - Y... Yes...
P4SFX - Clatter (x2)

P5F1 - Wh-What's with the aura in her eye...
P5F2 - She's just a human, yet she pinned down a demon like me in an instant with just a glare...

P6F - It will definitely come off! If I keep living with such a crazy bitch, my hair is going to come off because of stress...
Page 9

P1B1 - ...Hey.
P1SFX - Startle
P1B2 - Y-Yes?!

P2B1 - What was that Royal something you just used?
P2F - Whew, topic changed...
P2B2 - It was the name of a Danish ceramics and porcelain manufacturer. I borrowed it because it sounds cool...
P2Left - Just who in the world is Yurine...? And it seems that Jashin-chan can cook as well.

P3B - Hmm.
P3SFX - Thump (x2)

P4B1 - What do we have for dinner today?
P4B2 - I've made some beef stew...

P5B1 - Great, I love beef stew.
P5F - Hahaha...
P5B2 - I... I'm glad to hear that.

Bottom right - Please feel free to fill in the form your impression on the work and your supporting messages for the author.
Bottom left - To be continued in the next update

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