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Jashin-chan Dropkick chapter 2

Chapter 2 raw


Page 1

P1Bottom - presented by Yukiwo

P2B1 - Heh...
P2B2 - So your big sis has gone to space with an alien...
P2Diagonal text - Huh, who is the person on the line...?
P2B3 - That's quite a problem.
P2Title - Jashin-chan Dropkick
P2Bottom - Chapter 2: Enter Azusa #2, and her death

P3B - Alright. See you next time. I'll give you a call when the details of the offline meeting are decided.
P3F - Well then

P4Cell phone - Call ended
P4SFX - Beep
P4B - Well... Summoning demons is possible, so it's nothing to be surprised even if aliens do exist, though.

P5B1 - I wonder if Jashin-chan were behaving herself.
P5SFX - Click
P5B2 - I'm home.
P5Left - ☆This story is all fiction. It has nothing to do with any character or organization in the reality.
Page 2

P1B - Welcome back.
*See? Her tail has grown back, just like that of a house gecko*

P2B2 - What's with that creature...?

P3B1 - It's Azusa #2.
P3B2 - I don't wanna ask about the name, but about how you picked up that ominous creature, though.

P4B1 - I ordered a pet hell-bambi on a major shopping site called Amazoness, and they delivered her here.
P4B2 - Oh, so Amazoness also delivers creatures from the demon world.
Page 3

P1B1 - But pets are prohibited in this apartment, so we can't keep her. Send her back to them.
P1F - Ehhh
P1B2 - But she's just so cute. I'll feel sorry for her if we return her.

P2B1 - She sure is cute...
P2B2 - Right?

P3B - Heheheh... She's completely gotten attracted by Azusa #2's cuteness.

P4B - Now that you're full of openings, I'll fucking kill you and return to the demon world.
P4SFX - Flare

P5B - Goodbye Yurine!!
P5F - Murderous dropkiiick!!
P5Box - Let me explain this. In order to return to the demon world, Jashin-chan (omitted content) Yurine, her summoner (It'll get long so check out chapter 1).
Page 4

P1SFX1 - Evade
P1SFX2 - Thud

P2SFX1 - Stagger
P2B - Azusa #2!!

P3B2 - Oh my, you killed her.
P3SFX - Thud...

P4B1 - It... It's your fault for dodging!!
P4B2 - Isn't it because you were trying to kill me?

P5B - Who would've thought that Azusa #2... Azu-nyan would die...
P5F - Uhh...
Page 5

P1SFX - Vanish...

P2B1 - Azusa #2's soul has set off on a journey...
P2SFX - Float
P2B2 - It would be nice if it was 8 o'clock sharp now.

P3B - Oh, I leveled up.
P3Box - Jashin-chan has leveled up.

P4B1 - Uu... Azusa #2 was full of EXP...
P4B2 - So you can level up, huh...

P5B - It was your fault that Azusa #2 died, Yurine!!
P5SFX - Outburst

TL Note: Azusa #2 is a reference to a famous pop song named "Azusa Ni-gou" (Azusa #2), and also the name of a train running between Tokyo and Matsumoto City. The second panel of this page is a parody to the song. The original line in the song roughly means "At 8 o'clock sharp, I will depart from you on Azusa #2", and you can hear the line at (1:46 ~ 2:02).
Page 6

P1B - Why don't you say something, Yurine?!

P2B1 - You... just pointed your finger at me...
P2B2 - Wh... What's the matter with that?

P3B1 - What I hate the most...
P3B2 - Huh...

P4B1 - Being... pointed a finger at is what I hate the most...!!
P4B2 - Touch...

P5B - When someone points at me, I pay back with a stab.
P5SFX - Stab

P6SFX - Spurt
P6B - Eh
Page 7

P1SFX - Gush
P1Left - Safe for Jashin-chan only. Good kids shouldn't copy this!

P2B1 - The wound! I'll die if I don't heal the wound! A**n Alpha! Where's Aron A*pha?
P2B2 - That's because you pointed at me.
P2F - Here, Aro* Alpha for you.
Note: Aron Alpha is an instant glue manufacturer and supplier (google for more information)

P3B - Phew... It's healed somehow. I'm safe now...
P4B - Th... This bitch is crazy as f*ck. She stabbed me just because I pointed at her.
P5B - Even the demon world doesn't have many psycho f*ckers like her...
P6B - Shit~ How scary~ Who the hell could she be...
Page 8

Right - That's wicked, Yurine-sama! Feel free to send messages to support our poor Jashin-chan from the survey form on the site.

P1B1 - Hey,
P1B2 - Y-Yes!
P1SFX - Startle

P2B1 - By the way, what about the bill for Azusa #2?
P2B2 - Eh... Ah... I think it'll automatically be transferred from your bank account a few days later...

P3B1 - Hmm.
P3B2 - Whew... She isn't mad.

P4B1 - Make some earning and pay it back.
P4B2 - Heh...? Earning...?

P5B1 - The upper half of your body looks pretty good, so we may be able to gain quite a bit with it.
P5SFX - Ah
P5Bottom - To be continued in the next update

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