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Josei Danshi chapter 9

Note that the *lol* signs are parts of the script, not my TL rants. Now I'm going back to watch Horizon.

Chapter 9 raw


Page 1

At last, the debut album (volume 1) will be released on August 22nd (Wed)!!!
Josei Danshi
9th: Roger!!
Kenmotsu Chiyo
Page 2

P1Right: One danger after another...?!
P1B1: By the way, Pochi.
P1B2: What year and class are you in?

P2B: Eh?
P3Sign: Light music club

P4B1: Wh-What for...?
P4B2: What for, huh? *lol* Isn't it normal that I want to know?
Page 3

P1B1: Wh-What should I do...?! If they come to my class, they'll find out that I'm a guy!!
P1F1: So you're a guy?!
P1F2: Pervert!! And the molester from back then to boot!! You're the worst!!
P1B2: U... Um...
P1B3: Well...

P2B1: Sh-She studies in the school building, y-you know, next to the annex!!
P2B2: Was it 1-6?

P3B1: Y-Yeah, it is!
P3B2: Is that so?

P4B: Hmm.
P5SFX: King Kong Kang
Page 4

P1SFX: Noisy (x2)

P2B1: And now I have become friends with them at long last... I think this isn't right...
P2B2: But I really don't wanna destroy the current state...

P3SFX: Slide

P4B1: Agehaa!
P4B3: Kotori-chan! Tsubasa-chan...!!

P5SFX: Sneak...
P5B: Ko-Kotori, Tsubasa, what's the matter?

P6B1: Ah, it's committee business, you know. We've been appointed to be in charge of the physical examination this time.
P6SFX: Nod
P6B2: Ah, Tsubasa, you were originally a health committee member, weren't you?
Page 5

P1B1: Wait, what?
P1B2: Physical examination??

P2B1: Yeah, in the next period. We're now going around all classes and collecting name lists.
P2B2: We hafta accompany all first-year girls with their check-up, so it's gonna be tough.

P3B1: Well then, Ageha. See you next period.
P3B2: Eh? Uh... Yeah...

P4B: Wait... Kotori and Tsubasa are going around ALL classes?! Then they'll find out that Pochi isn't in class 6...!! I've gotta do something...!!
Page 6

P1B1: If I say that he took a day off... No, they've already met him during lunch break...
P1B2: What should I do... What should I do...?!

P2SFX1: Glance...
P2SFX2: Stare...

P3B1: Those two still don't know Pochi's real name...
P3B2: In that case...!!

P4Sign: Light music club
P5B: I... I can't do that!!
Page 7

P1B1: Slipping into girls' physical examination of all things...!!
P1B2: If they find out about that, I'll be a real pervert...!!

P2B1: You only need to come into Kotori and Tsubasa's sight!!
P2B2: It's just about letting those two confirm that you are there after all...!!

P3SFX: Rummage (x2)

P4B1: After checking up, I've learned that a girl in class 6 is absent today!
P4Paper top: Attendance record
P4B2: Just pretend to be that girl and stand in line!!

P5B: B-But... But still...
P5SFX: Tear (x2)
Page 8

P1B1: Just do it!
P1B2: Eeek!

P2SFX1: Bustle (x2)
P2SFX2: Chatter (x2)

P3Sign: Infirmary

P4SFX: Kyah (x2)
P5SFX: Kyah (x2)
Page 9

P2B1: Look, Pochi. Here's the line for the girls in class 6.
P2B2: Now stand in.

P3B: H-How about you, Ageha-chan?

P4B1: Me?
P4B2: I was busy helping you prepare your crossdressing getup, so I skipped it.

P5B1: E-Eh?
P5B2: It'll be fine! It'll be fine! Now now!
P5B3: I'm still scared... If they find out...
Page 10

P1SFX: Bump
P1B: Hyah!!

P2B1: Oh, excuse me. Are you okay?
P2B2: Oh, don't worry. I'm okay...

P3B1: See, there was no problem, right? If they hear your voice, they absolutely won't think that you're a guy, that's why!
P3B2: Y-You think so...?

P4B1: Yeah. Plus class 4, 5 and 6 are now mixed up... You won't be found out even if you slip in, I'm telling you!
P4B2: U... Uh...
Page 11

P1B: Well then, I'll be off...!
P1SFX: Step

P2SFX: Tap

P3B1: Ageha?
P3B2: Kotori?! Tsubasa?!

P4B1: Ageha, you were here all this time? Or rather, you weren't taking your own physical examination that ended a while ago, were you?
P4B2: W-Well... I was coming to see Pochi...

P5SFX: Smile (x2)
Page 12

P1B1: From now on is for class 6 of Pochi, isn't it? Ageha, you take part in it with her as well. I'll tell sensei in advance for you.
P1B2: If you postpone it, you'll have to go to the hospital in person, so it'll be troublesome for you, you know?
P1B3: Eh? I don't really mind...

P2B: Alright, girls from class 6, get in the infirmary!

P3B1: Now now!
P3SFX: Push
P3B2: Eh? No... Wait!!

P5SFX: Line up...
Page 13

P1B: Wh... What should I do...??
P1SFX1: Look around (x2)
P1SFX2: Nervous (x2)

P2B1 Main: Now, go forward.
P2B1 Side: Whisper
P2B2 Side: Whisper...
P2B2 Main: O... Okay...

P3B: Uh-oh, those two should even be keeping eyes on us during check-up. I can't escape now...
P3F: Okay, this way

P4SFX: Tick... Tock...

P5B1: Just a little more and it'll be over...
P5SFX: Relieved
P5B2: Oh

P6B: Ageha, Pochi♪
Page 14

P1B: Kotori, Tsubasa... Thanks for the efforts.
P2SFX: Smirk

P3B1: Okaaay! Now that there are two people waiting ahead, please take off your tops
P3B2: as well as your brassiere!

P4B2: HUH?!
Page 15

P1SFX: Sudden!!

P4B1: Oh no...!! I couldn't see it because of the panel screens!!
P4B2: They undress THIS MUCH in physical examination?!

P5B1: Wh-Wh-Wh-What should I do?! Ageha-chan!! My chest is crushed-flat! They'll find out about me!!
P5SFX: Whisper (x2)
Page 16

P1B1: What should I do?! What should I do?!
P1B2: If they find out, I'll die!!

P4B: ...What's wrong?

P6B: Um... Well...
Page 17

P1SFX: Tap
P2B: You shouldn't be worried about having no breast!!
Page 18

P1B: Well, it's probably embarrassing for flat-chested girls, though *lol*
P2SFX: Wink (x2)

P4B: Ageha...
P4SFX: Forward...

P5SFX: Startle

P6B1: You shouldn't...
P6SFX: Grab
P6B2: tease girls with tiny breasts...!!
Page 19

P1SFX: Turn around
P2SFX: Grab!

P3B: We're pals...!! Don't worry...!!
P3SFX: Buzz (x2)

P4B1: Y... Yeah...
P4B2: Thank you...
Page 20

P1SFX: Thump (x3)
P1B1+B2: Unbutton (x2)

P3SFX: Squirm (x2)
Page 21

P1SFX: Look around (x2)
P2SFX: Kyah (x2)

P4B1: Thank goodness!! Nobody cares about it!!
P4B2: Ageha-chan really saved me...!!

P5B1: Thank you, Ageha-chan!!
P5SFX: Whisper (x4)
P5B2: Heh heh...
P5B3: I told you... Pochi...
Page 22

P1B1: My duty is now over...!!
P1SFX: Turn around
P1B2: Ahh, maybe I'll go to the hospital alone on another day after all.

P2SFX: Grab

P3B1: Aaaageeehaaa?
P3B2: Pochi undressed despite being embarrassed of having no breast, you know?
P3B3: Tsubasa and I were also embarrassed, but we undressed nonetheless... Attempting to run away all by yourself... IS NOOOT ALLOOOWED♥
Page 23

P1B1: Huh!!
P1B2: Wait...!!

P2B1: Tsubasa!!
P2B2: Eek
P2SFX1: Hail
P2SFX2: Grab

P3SFX: Unbutton (x2)
P4B: N-No!! Stop it!!

P5B1: Secret skill...
P5SFX: Flash
P5B2: Bra Removing...!!
Page 24+25

*Wow! Yet another gorgeous bra*
P2SFX: Boing
Page 26


P2B1: I don't want this!! C-Cover it!! Cover my breast!!
P2SFX: Flap (x2)
P2B2: Hey now!
P2B3: Ageha, don't struggle!! It shouldn't be a matter to show just your boobs!!

P3B1: N-No good!! I've gotta cover them for her!!
P3SFX: Dash
P3B2: Ah, but I absolutely mustn't see, so I'll shut my eyes...!!
Page 27

P1B1: Here goes!!
P1SFX1: Squish
P1B2: Press
P1SFX2: Drop...

P2B1: Eh?
P2B2: Squish?
Page 28

P1SFX: Blush
P1B2: Tear

P2Diagonal text: ・ A new mind-blowing development starting from next time!! "The band's serious activation arc" starts!!!
P2B2: Bweh
P2B3: Hold it!! Ageha, that's cruel!!
P2Bottom: To be continued on August 16th
Page 29

Top: A love comedy about a MALE vocalist with a FEMININE voice♪
Right: To be released on August 22nd♪
Bottom: You can purchase this comic book at a nearby bookstore or from the following site.

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