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Josei Danshi Oneshot

I know there are fans out there waiting for this oneshot to be translated, but I have to say that it is the most tiring thing I have done ever since I started working on this title. Not only that the script is twice as long as a chapter of the series, this oneshot also got on my nerve because it is inferior to the series in every aspects, from artwork, story to character personalities. While normal chapters of the series only takes me like 2-4 days to TL, this one took me 2 weeks because of frustration. Anyway, now that I've finally finished my translation, feel free to read and comment. Scanlated version will be done by Vortex Scans later.

P/S: There are emphasized words in Italic and underlines, so take extra attention if you are going to typeset this one shot.



Page 1

P1B1 - Hey hey, sing it!! Sing the new song of "Sora"!
P1B2 - Fly~♪Hiiigh~♪
*That Engrish was quite fucked up, so I altered shit a little bit*
P1Left - The boy's singing voice resounds high in the sky...

P2B1 - Great! Start the music!

P4B1 - Fly♪ Hiiiigh~♪ We'll grow wings♪
P4B2 - We'll be able to flap them towards the sky anytime♬
Title - Josei Danshi
Page 2

Top - Let's fall in love with the voice♪
Mid - Kenmotsu Chiyo
Bottom - Josei Danshi
Page 3

P1B - Whew...

P2B1 - This band is truly great! Right, Tsubame?!
P2B2 - Yeah, you're right. My impression was that these girls are a massive hit!!

P3B - Ken, you really wanna sing too, don'tcha? Make a band then!

P4B1 - Yeah... I wanna sing...
P4B2 - But... that's impossible.

P5SFX1 - Hubbub
P5B1 - Crap!
P5B2 - I forgot to buy bread!
P5SFX2 - Startle
Page 4

P1B1 - Ahaha!
P1B2 - And then...

P2SFX - Tak (x2)
P2B - Huh? Isn't it Pochi? What have you been doing here? Are you... done already?

P3SFX - Grin
P4SFX - Tak (x2)

P5B1 - Well, that Pochi...
P5B2 - Hm?
Page 5

P1B1 - You see, he REALLY can't speak.
P1B2 - Could it be inability-to-speak disease?
P1B3 - Nah, apparently he used to speak in the old days.
P1B4 - Maybe something happened?

P6B1 - Ah, it's "Sora".
P6B2 - That's really a great song.

P7B - It must be because of the melody. "Ageha" is quite a genius, being able to think this out!
P8B - Why don't you form a band?
Page 6

P1B1 - That's gross, you shemale!!
P1B2 - What's with your voice?! Sounds just like a girl's!!
P1B2 side - Hahahahaha!!
P1B3 - Hahahahaha!!

P3Box1 - That's right.
P3Sign - Central life
P3Box2 - My voice is WEIRD.

P4Box - I speak with a voice so high that normal boys absolutely can't.
P5Box - When I was still a kid, I didn't mind that. But when I entered middle school, it was when the boys started changing their voices.
P6Box - I ended up getting bullied severely.
Page 7

P1Box - And then, when I entered high school, I stopped speaking in public

P2Box1 - I also quitted the choir I loved so much.
P2Box2 - But I'm fine with it.

P3Box - Everything will be solved if I sing and speak alone.

P4B1 - Sigh...
P4B2 - But still...

P5B1 - I wish I were born manly as a guy or girly as a girl, not half-assed like this...
P5B2 - Sigh
- Today's news topics
- Sora's vocalist retiring?!
- Momo's first gravure shooting!!
- Narutaki Soutarou's novel "I have no money" won an award.

P6Screen - Sora's vocalist retiring?
Page 8

P1SFX - Flash (x2)

P2B1 - What do you think about the matter of Aoi-san the vocalist leaving?!
P2B2 - What about the next vocalist?! Will you be holding an audition?!

P3B1 - Right now "Sora" is going swimmingly, correct?!
P3B2 - You even topped Oricon!! I think this is a crucial time,
P3SFX - Flash (x3)
P3B3 - but how is Aoi-san's opinion about this?!

P4B - You know, you're making me standing here for all kinds of crap and pissing me of...
P4SFX - Murmur...

P5B - Eh?
P6SFX - Grab
Page 9

P3B1 - All of you get lost, dumbshit!!
P3B2 - Someone hold A-Ageha back!!
P3B3 - Th-This is amusing...!!

P4SFX - Waaah
P5B - Ohh
Page 10

P1B1 - What an outrageous mess you've done for me!!
P1B2 - You damned brats!!

P2B1 - That report wasn't just about Aoi leaving, but was also an announcement of vocalist recruiting!!
P2B2 - You went and did the hell out of it as you pleased!! Because of that, we didn't have enough room to put the recruiting caption in!!

P3B1 - Without a vocalist, you brats are nothing but a bunch of trash!!
P3B3 - Can't you understand my feeling of trying to save you from that, you dumb bitches?!
Page 11

P1B - In case you don't find a good vocalist and your sales drop...

P2B1 - I'll make all of you wear nipplesses
*Or "pasties" if you prefer a more American term*
P2F - Tee-hee-hee
P2B2 - and turn you into an erotic band!!

P3B1 - Be thankful that I let you sing at my office!!
P3B2 - Bye then!!

P4B1 - What do you plan to do, Ageha?
P4B3 - About our vocalist, you know.

P5B1 - Having Aoi quit is surely painful...
P5B2 - But still...
Page 12

P1B1 - We have our own "music".
P1B2 - Our music will live on even if we change our vocalist!

P2B - The same applies to our vocalist recruitment. The one who truly understands our music will come to us no matter what happens.

P3B2 - Yeah!

P4B1 - We
P4B2 - "Sora"

P5B1 - will never
P5B2 - be destroyed!!
Page 13

P2Screen - Female vocalist grand recruitment!!

P3B - They're recruiting vocalist?!

P4B - Wh-What should I do?!
P4SFX - Grab

P5B1 - They say "Sora" is recruiting a vocalist among ordinary people!!
P5B2 - What kind of people are going to come?! Will there be a change in "Sora"'s songs?!
Page 14

P1Screen - Female vocalist grand recruitment!!

- Female vocalist grand recruitment!!
- Register

P3B1 - If I take part in this
P3B2 - will I be able to meet "Sora"...?!
P3B3 - Hahaha
P3B4 - They say girls only.
P3B5 - However... I'm a guy... But still, it's very rare to have such a chance...
Page 15

- I am Hori Chinami, number 10♥
- Pleeeased to meeeet you♥♥
P1SFX - Wiggle (x2)
P1B2 - I haaaven't heard many songs by "Sora", but I'm preeettty confident in singing...
*Lol, ugly chick has the same name as my Chinami-chan*

P2B1 - Well then, please try singing.
P2B2 - Yes ma'am♥

P3SFX - Line up...

P4SFX - Pour...
P4B1 - Huh? Ageha, you're making coffee?
P4B2 - How unusual. Didn't you hate coffee?

P5B1 - Yeah.
P5B2 - I hate it.

P6B - Then what for?

P7B - Well...
P7SFX - Touch
Page 16

P1B - I was thinking about making this third-rater drink it.
P1SFX - Splash

P2B - Kyaaaaah!!

P3B1 - I can't stand it anymore...
P3SFX - Irritated (x3)
P3B2 - That song sounds like shit...
P3B3 - If you wanna become an idol, go to somewhere else!!

P4SFX - Noisy (x2)
Page 17

P1B - Same for those without guts, get lost already!!
P1F - Kyaaaah!!

P2B1 - Take this!
P2B2 - Kyaaah!
P2SFX - Bang

P3SFX - Spilt...
P4SFX - Silent...

P5B1 - Seriously, they were truly nothing but a bunch of junk.
P5B2 - You're right.

P6SFX - Knock (x2)
P7B - Hm?
Page 18

P1B - U-Um...

P3B1 - C-Can I... No...
P3B2 - May I... give it a try?
*Actually he was using boku and then switched to watashi, but English has no equivalence for this, so I used a slight change in politeness, which is the closest form of equivalence I can think of*

P4B1 - ...Sure. What's your number?
P4SFX - Draw...
P4B2 - It's 264...

P5B1 - Wh-What should I do? I even... resorted to crossdressing...!! I-If they happen to find out...
P5B2 - B-But the members of "Sora" are right before my eyes!! I'm so happy!!
Page 19

P1SFX1 - Pour...
P1B1 - Planning to spray coffee again?
P1SFX2 - Clatter
P1B2 - Yeah, in case she's no good.

P2SFX - Thump (x3)
P2B - If this becomes a good memory of mine after having "Sora" listen to my voice...

P3B1 - Now.
P3B2 - Sing aloud.

P4SFX - Inhale...
Page 20

P1B - A
P2F - Aaaahahahaha
P3B - Ah...
Page 21

P1B1 - P-Please excuse me!!
P1SFX - Run
P1B2 - Hee
P1B3 - Heehee-
P1B4 - Ah!

P2B1 - Is that okay, Ageha?
P2B2 - Hm?

P3B1 - It's okay. We have the documents, plus...
P3Paper top - Haibara Keiko
P3B2 - I won't forget her voice.

P5Sign - Daily necessities Takamura

P6B1 - I'm such a fool... for wanting them to listen to my voice for just a moment...!!
P6B2 - Even though I knew... that they would laugh at me...!!
Page 22

P1B1 - I will never...
P1B2 - sing again anymore!!

P3SFX - King Kong Kang Kong

P4B1 - Hey hey, did you saw the new vocalist of "Sora"?!
P4B2 - Yeah, I saw her! Niyaniya Douga, wasn't it?!
P4B3 - I saw the vid!

P5B1 - "Sora"'s new vocalist has already been decided... That's really quick...
P5B2 - Well, it has nothing to do with me... though...
Page 23

P1SFX1 - Kyah (x2)
P1SFX2 - Leave

P2B1 - Their vocalist has been decided, yet it seems they can't find her.
P2B2 - I heard she ran away during the audition! Doesn't that sound just like Cinderella?
P2B3 - I know how that feels
P2B4 - Hahaha

P3SFX - Beep

P4B1 - Don't screw with me!! Show yourself, bitch!!
P4B2 - Even the address and telephone number in this document are all lies!! If you see this, hand over your contact details immediately!!

P6Paper - Show yourself!
Page 24

P1B - It's time for today's talk and variety show.

P2B1 - This is the girl who passed the audition held by "Sora"!
P2B2 - The only clues are this photo and this recorded voice of hers!

P3Building - Aota
P4SFX - Tap (x2)

- Subject
- I am the vocalist.
- Vocal audition
- Vocal Audition
- I am the vocalist!
- I watched TV!
- I'm the vocalist.
- I am the vocalist!
- Regarding the vocalist case

P6B - Sigh
P7B1 - Ageha, we have received mails from many people claiming to be our Cinderella.
Page 25

P1B1 - Understood. I'll meet them all.
P1B2 - And then I'll KNOW.

P3B - Good morning! Here's your newspaper.
P3SFX1 - Chirp (x3)
P3SFX2 - Bow

P4B - Father, your newspaper.
P4SFX - Fow...

P5B1 - Gotta get some water too.
P5B2 - Morning. You sure are up early for a Sunday morning, Ken.
P5B3 - Hmm, lately both the TV and newspapers are all over this topic.
P5SFX - Beep
P5B4 - Japan is so peaceful, hahaha.
Page 26

P1B2 - "Sora"'s audition?!

P2B1 - The people gathering here are those who claimed to be Cinderella!
P2B2 - Now then, would the real Cinderella be among them?!

P3B2 - That's...

P4B1 - What "Sora" is looking for is the lady in this photo.
P4TV - Where is the mysterious beauty?!
P4B2 - MY PHOTO...!!

P5SFX - Stomp (x3)
P5B2 - Hm? What's the matter?
P5B3 - Ken.

P6SFX - Slam

P7B1+B2+B3 - Huff (x3)
Page 27

P1B - If I check this up on the Internet, I should learn more details...!!

P3B1 - Don't screw with me!! ~~~~~~!!
P3B2 - Show yourself, bitch!!

P4B1 - As I thought...
P4B2 - This is... me...
P4B3 - But...
P4B4 - Why are they...

P5B1 - I passed the audition...?!
P5B2 - H... How can this be...?!

P6F - Ahahahahaha

P8B - They laughed so hard at my song, and yet...

P9B1 - Do they wanna make you a laughingstock again?
P9B2 - It's very likely that nothing good will come out even if you meet them, don'tcha think?
Page 28

P1B1 - I suppose so... I don't wanna experience that again anymore.
P1B2 - Even so...

P2B1 - My feeling of love for singing
P2SFX - Drop (x2)
P2B2 - won't fade away...

P3B1 - I wonder why... Even though I decided that I wouldn't speak anymore
P3B2 - and I feel like I'm fine with it...
P3B3 - Even though my singing... is unwanted... and I got laughed at...
P3B4 - I still want someone to listen... What's wrong with me?

P4B - Well, that alone means you love singing and "Sora".

P5B1 - So go and find the truth.
P5B2 - Yeah...
P5B3 - I'll find out the reason

P6B - of why "Sora" wants to meet me...
Page 29

P2SFX - Stomp (x3)

P3B1 - A bunch of imposters again.
P3B2 - Our princess isn't showing herself at all.
P3B3 - Yeah...

P4B - How's the search for the vocalist?
P4SFX - Click

P5B1 - At this rate, if you don't make it until the vocalist announcing concert, we'll decide on the girl I brought with me.
P5SFX1 - Pwaah
P5B2 - Nice to meet you♥♥
P5SFX2 - Boing (x2)
P5B3 - Okay?

P7B1 - Never mind, just try all you can.
P7F - Hahahaha
Page 30

P1B1 - We can't search anymore today. Let's end it.
P1B2 - Ageha...

P3B1 - I said you can't!
P3B2 - Go home!!

P4B - I-I wanna meet "Sora" no matter what!!

P6B1 - Let us have that boy for a minute,
P6B2 - Mister.
P6B3 - Eh?
P6B4 - Eh?

P7B2 - Leave your post for a short while.
P7B3 - Eh, o-okay.
Page 31

P1B1 - U-Um~
P1B2 - I'm... number... 264.

P2B1 - This voice...!
P2B2 - But... a guy...?! No wonder we can't find him...

P3B1 - I'm... very sorry... for lying... so much...
P3B2 - I... I...

P4B1 - But... why did you choose me...?!
P4B2 - You laughed so hard after listening to my voice, yet why...

P5B1 - Did you laugh... b-because you realized that I was a guy?!
P5B2 - Was it because my voice was weird...?!

P6B1 - Thank goodness...
P6B2 - This is the voice...

P7B - Eh?
Page 32

P1B1 - I was thinking that if you don't appear... "Sora" could be done for...
P1SFX - Shed (x2)
P1B2 - I'm so glad... that we've found you...
P1B3 - Thank goodness...

P2B - Eh...?

P3B1 - Okay, okay... Ageha, you were the one who was worried the most after all.
P3F - Uu~
P3B2 - Come on. It's okay now.
P3B3 - U-Um...

P4B1 - I-I'm a guy... yet I... have such a voice...
P4B2 - So it's weird. I mean...

P5B1 - That's not the issue.
P5B2 - I'm deeply moved by your singing voice.
Page 33

P1B1 - Come with us.
P1B2 - The magic hasn't been broken yet.

P4SFX - Bustle (x3)
P5SFX - Bustle (x3)
P6SFX - Noisy (x2)
Page 34

P1B - Heh heh... People are gathering...

P2B1 - I'll eventually reveal the vocalist I brought with me in front of this crowd of audience...
P2B2 - and then give the girls a change of image into an erotic band!!

P3B1 - Ageha-tan's band in nipplesses...
P3F - Kyaaah
P3B2Side - Fufufufu

P4B1 - Alright!! Here we go!!
P4SFX - Outburst!!
P4B2 - Yes sir♥

P5B1 - Oh, it's starting!
P5B2 - Whoa!
Page 35

P4B1 - Sorry for making you wait.
P4B2 - We're announcing our new vocalist.

P5SFX - Thump (x3)
P6SFX - Clack

P7B - Our new vocalist...
Page 36

P1B1 - is
P1SFX - Flash
P1B2 - Pochi!
*Swapped bubbles for TL convenience*


P3B1 - They found her in such a short while?! Unbelievable!!
P3B2 - Hold it, Producer!! What the hell does this mean?! How about me?!

P4B - U-Um...
Page 37

P1B1 - Cute!
P1SFX - Noisy (x3)
P1B2 - But I doubt this will work.
P1B3 - It's about singing after all.
P1B4 - It'll suck big time if they chose her based on appearance.

P2SFX - Thump (x3)

P3B1 - No need for greetings.
P3B2 - Please just listen to her first!
P3SFX1 (キーン) - KIIING
P3SFX2 (ワッ) - Outburst
P3SFX3 (ビ) - Startle

P5B - A-Ageha-san...
P6SFX - Smirk
Page 38

P1B1 - Back then...
P1B2 - What we laughed about you was that...

P2B1 - Your song matched the voice we were looking forward to in an absurdly unexpected manner.
P2B2 - That's why we laughed.

P3B1 - No...
P3B2 - No way...
Page 39

P1B - Therefore, let's stand on stage together.

P2B2 - Still, the problem is that you're a guy.
P2B3 - Well, it doesn't matter to us, but it can be troublesome if producer finds out.
P2B4 - Yeah right, that guy!

P3B - I-I!!!

P4B1 - I'll dress like a girl or do whatever it takes!!
P4B2 - If that means I get to sing with "Sora"!!
Page 40

P1SFX - Startle
P2SFX - Irritated (x2)

P3B1 - What's with that vocalist... She has no breast at all...
P3SFX - Murmur (x3)
P3B2 - Well, she's just a complete newbie, so if she fails right at the beginning for me, it means my plan is still not dead...

P5B - It'll be fine... It'll be fine...
Page 41

P2F - Oh... It's this song...

P3F1 - The song which brought me energy whenever I had a hard time...
P3F2 - This time... I'm the one to...

P4B - Gr, flop now!!
Page 44

P1B1 - A-Amazing!! Such a great voice!!
P1B2 - N-Nice!!
P1B3 - Her voice is echoing like crazy in my body!!
P1B4 - Never heard such a voice before!!

P3F1 - S-So cuuute!!
P3F2 - And super good at singing to boot!!

P4B1 - Wh-What's the big deal?! Just because she's a little good at singing... doesn't mean that I...
P4B2 - Hey, Produ...

P5B1 - Shut up!!
P5SFX - Slap!!
P5B2 - Kyah!!
Page 45

P1B1 - So cute!!
P1B3 - She may even be better than Aoi!!

P3B - Amazing... Everyone is enjoying my singing voice...
Page 46

P1B1 - Music...
P1B2 - is so fun!!

Page 47

P1SFX - King Kong...

P2B1 - Hey hey, look. It's the vocalist of "Sora".
P2B2 - Ah, I saw her. She's been the topic recently.

P3B1 - Super cute, isn't she?
P3B2 - Terrific!
P3SFX - Blush
P3B3 - Wanna make her my girlfriend so badly!
P3B4 - Her voice is damn great too.
*Who else wanna make "her" his waifu?*
P3B5 - Can I find such a girl around here?

P4B - Hm?
P4SFX1 - Look around
P4SFX2 - Fidget (x2)
*This looks super mega ultra gaaaaaay!*

P5B - What is it, Pochi? You look kinda creepy squirming around. What's gotten into you?!
P5SFX - Startle

P6B1 - Ah, he escaped.
P6B2 - What's with him?
Page 48

P1Box1 - It is quite embarrassing to me. I just can't say that I'm the vocalist of "Sora"...!!
P1Box2 - Plus Ageha-san also forbade me to speak it out...

P2B - This is a secret between us alone.

P3B1 - Our producer is notorious for being a man-hater.
P3B2 - If he finds out that you're a guy, I dunno what will happen to you.
P3F1 - Yikes
P3F2 - Yeah, yeah.
P3Box - Or so she said...

P4Box1 - But still...
P4Box2 - That doesn't matter at all!!
Page 49

P1SFX - Screech

P4B1 - We've come to get you,
P4B2 - our Cinderella!!
Page 50

P2B - Yeah!!

P3Box1 - Because I
P3Box2 - have my songs!!
P3B1 - Hurry up and get in!!
P3B2 - We'll be recording soon.
P3B3 - Yes ma'am!
P3Diagonal text - ・We hope for your kind support♪

P4F1 - The next one, rather than a boobie,
P4B1+B2 - Pant (x2)
P4F2 - it's a flat-chested loli, so moe~♥

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