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Josei Danshi chapter 10

This chapter makes me wanna pick up Nyaruko-san again. Also sorry for the late posting. I've been getting all kinds of IRL crap lately.

Chapter 10 raw


Page 1

Diagonal text: At long last, the super mega ultra long-awaited volume 1 will be released on August 22nd (Wed)!!!
*Fack, he actually looks cute here*
Title: Josei Danshi
10th: So let's do it!
Kenmotsu Chiyo
Page 2

P1Side: Speaking of what she instinctively sensed...
P1SFX: Erect
*Lolz, I've translated 9 chapters and it's only now that I noticed this hair on her head. Anyone knows how it's called btw?*

P2Central poster
- Moon Black
- Participating Bands Wanted

P3B2: This is it...!!
P5Sign: Light music club
Page 3

P1SFX: Slide

P2B: Guess I'm waiting at the right place today.
P2Cell phone: Sorry, I'll be late (´・ω・`)

P3B: Maybe I came here too soon...?

P4B: Please!! We beg you!!
*DOGEZA flag*
P4SFX: Startle

P6SFX: Slide...
P6Sign: Light music club
P6B: Tsubasa-chan!! Please!!
Page 4

P1B1: Please!! We beg you!!
P1B2: We don't mind you playing for more than a band, so please fill in our drummer position!!

P2B: Don't wanna.

P3B1: Please take that position somehow!! It's not that we can't find anyone!!
P3B2: We want your drum techniques, Tsubasa-chan!!

P4B1: I can't.
P4SFX: Turn around
P4B2: I hate guys.

P5B1: N-No waaay
P5B2: Arrgh
Page 5

P1SFX: Step (x2)

P2B: She's coming here.
P2Sign: Light music club

P4B: Oh... Tsubasa-chan...
P5B2: Hi.
P6SFX: Clatter... (x2)
Page 6

P2B: Everyone sure is late.
P2SFX: Nod

P3SFX: Silent...
P4B: I... I've gotta say something...!! But the more I think about what to say, the more I'm unable to say anything!!
Page 7

P1SFX: Brrr
P1B: Oh, a mail from Ageha-chan...

P2Cell phone: Sorry, wait for me for a while. A teacher caught me (´~`;) I'll be late.
P3B: I see...

P4B1: Oh...
P4SFX: Brr
P4B2: It's Kotori...

P5B2: Kotori says she's at the committee meeting and will be late...
P6B: I-I see...
Page 8

P1B1: Which means... It'll be just me and Tsubasa-chan for a while...?!
P1B2: What should I do?! What should I do?!
P1B3: I don't know what I'm supposed to say!!

P2SFX: Drip (x3)
P3SFX: Stare...
P4SFX: Closer
Page 9

P1B1: Hyah!!
P1B2+B3: Sniff (x2)

P2B1: What is that about?! Do I smell weird?! Do I stink of sweats?!
P2B2: Am I going to be exposed as a guy?!

P3B1: Nice smell...
P3B2: Relieving smell.

P4B: Eh?
Page 10

P1B1: I don't...
P1SFX: Smile
P1B2: hate Pochi...

P2B: Th-Thank you.
P2SFX: Thump (x2)

P3B1: My house... is full of males. They stink.
P3B2: Heh, I didn't know that. Do you have many brothers?
P3B3: 3 elder, and 3 younger...
P3B4: WHOA!!
P3B5: That's a huge family!!
*Dango dango dango dango, dango daikazoku, oh wait wrong series*

P4B1: I can't stand them...
P4B2: They're annoying... and vulgar...

P5B1: I see... But it must be tough for 7 brothers to live together...
Page 11

P2SFX: Bend...

P3B1: Ehhhhhh?! Tsubasa-chan fell asleep?! So ultra free!!
P3B2: Wh-Wh-Wh-Wh-What should I do?!
*SFX: Already in English*

P4SFX: Tick tock...
P6SFX: Tick tock...
P7SFX: Slide
Page 12

P1B1: Did you wait long?!
P1B2: Sorry.

P2B: It's Ageha-chan!!

P3B1: What? Tsubasa is sleeping? What about Kotori?
P3B2: She said she'll be late.
P3B3: I see.

P4B: Then I'll explain it to Kotori later...
P4SFX: Rummage (x2)

- Moon Black
- Participating Bands Wanted
Page 13

P1B1: Let's...
P1B2: take part in this!!

P2B1: A live house's flyer?
P2B2: Heh... Sounds pretty grand...

P3B1: Eh?! Capable of hosting 300 people?!
Note: Live houses often do not have seats.
- Moon Black
- Participating Bands Wanted
P3B2: Eh?! Eh?! Isn't this a big one?!

P4B1: W... Will that be okay...?! I (boku), no, I (atashi) have never sung in front of so many people, you know?
*Had to resort to transliteration b/c I can't think of a way to localize this part*
P4B2: Singing at such a large stage all of a sudden is...!!

P5B1: It'll be fine!!
Page 14

P1B: We'll make it with our music!!
P2SFX: Sparkle (x2)

P4B1: B-But we have only done some tuning... just the other day...
P4B2: Doesn't matter!! We'll participate!! I've decided that we'll do it!!

P5B: Our goal is super ultra great, you know?! What can we do if we're scared of something of this level?!
Page 15

P1B: B-But...
P1SFX: Glance...

P3SFX: Glance...
P4SFX: Sparkle (x2)

P5B1: Wh... What should I do?! Tsubasa-chan doesn't seem to be interested...
P5B2: And Ageha-chan is out of control...
P5B3: YEEK!!

P6SFX: Slide
Page 16

P1B1: Sorry for coming late.
P1B2: You looks pretty fired up, huh?

P2B: Kotori!!

P3B1: Hmm...
P3B2: Live house, huh...
Page 17

P1B1: This is still
P1SFX: Slurp
P1B2: too early for us.

P2B: Wh... Why?!

P3B: First of all!!
P3SFX: Impact

P4B1: We have only practiced a little!! Plus we have never seen any audience's response.
P4B2: Right now we don't even know where our level lies. It's not our turn to appear on stage now.
Page 18

P1B: To begin with, there's no way such a large performance venue will let an inexperienced band like us perform.
P2B: It... It can't be...

P3B1: Kotori-chan is amazing...!! She's straightforward...!!
P3B2: But her argument is astoundingly persuasive!!
P3B3: She argued Ageha-chan away instantly...!!

P4SFX: Down...
P5B: But then again, Ageha.
Page 19

P1B1: I also have the desire of making our band great, you know?
P1B2: So let's do it! It sounds interesting after all!

P2B: Kotori...!!

P3SFX1: Rise
P3SFX2: Nod
P3B: Oh... Tsubasa-chan was actually listening...

P4B: It feels like everyone is back in order after Kotori-chan came...
P4SFX: Relieved
Page 20

P1B: Ah...
P2B: This sensation...
P3B: Tsubasa-chan's individual rhythm...
P4B: Ageha-chan's energetic melody...
P5B: Kotori-chan's bass wrapping them up and bring them together...
Page 21

P1B: All of them are turning into one... becoming a band... becoming "Sora"...!!

P2B1: Just now... it is as though...
P2B2: I could see the sounds...!!
Page 22

P1B1: Tee-hee.
P1B2: I have a nice strategy.
P1B3: Eh?

P2B1: Ageha, you compose as many songs as you can!!
P2SFX: Impact
P2B2: Pochi, you concentrate on your singing!!

P3SFX: Space out...

P4B: Tsubasa, you do your job too!!
P4SFX: Startle

P5B: And so...
P6SFX: Pull
Page 23

P1B1: I'll be borrowing Pochi!!
P1B2: Eh?!
P1B3: Eh?!

P2B: Eh?
P3B: You know, even a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step! Off we go!!
P4SFX: Slide...
P5SFX: Snap...
Page 24

P1B1: Kotori...
P1B2: What could she be planning...?

P3SFX: Tak... (x2)
P4B: Kotori-chan... Where are we going?
P5B: Heere♥
Page 25

P2B2: This place is...
P4SFX: Click...

P6B1: A studio...?
P6B2: For starters, Pochi...
Page 26

P2B: Whoa, all of them are popular Vocaloid songs!!

P3B: Let's make your voice be known by the whole world!!
P3Diagonal text: Sora, activating!!
Bottom: To be continued on September 6th
Page 27

Top: A love comedy about a MALE vocalist with a FEMININE voice♪
Right: To be released on August 22nd♪
Bottom: You can purchase this comic book at a nearby bookstore or from the following sites.

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