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Josei Danshi chapter 14

Tbh, it feels pretty hard getting my ass back to TLing again. Not sure if anyone would want to read my TL now, but I'm posting it nonetheless.

Chapter 14 raw


Page 1

Kenmotsu Chiyo

Vertical: The hyped volume 2 will be released on November 22 (Thursday)!!
*It's been too long since then though*

Chapter 14: Are you forming a band...?
Page 2

P1B1 - Me is here to
P1B2 - scout your vocalist!!

P2B1 - Eh?!
P2B2 - M... Me...?!
P2Side - A super-popular artist is asking Pochi to join her?!

P3B - Me thinks that's better for you than staying in this crappy band ~nyoro♪
Page 3

P1B - This crappy band, you say?! Don't go around saying whatever you like just because you're a little famous!!
P2SFX - Point
P4B - Guitarist...

P6B1 - It's particularly YOU...
P6B2 - who is holding back her potential~nyo!!
Page 4

P1B - Wh...?!
P2B - Gimme that~nyoro!!

P3B1 - Hey!!
P3B2 - What are you doing?!
Page 6

P1B - A... Amazing!!

P2B1 - How can she play such an amazing tune out of my guitar...?!
P2B2 - So THIS is... pro level...?!

P4B - Phew

P5B - This is more like it~nyon.
P5SFX - Thud
Page 7

P2B1 - Me been composing too~nyo☆
P2B2 - And me want to sing the next song me write with your vocalie ~nyoro♪

P3B - M... Me...?!
P5B - Allow me to explain.
Page 8

P1B1 - Mikael-san is currently a member of a band named AG Ring.
P1B2 - She's acting as the song writer, the vocalist, and a guitarist of the band, with 4 elites backing her up.

P2B - That brat is the vocalist, isn't she?! Why even dragging Pochi in...?!

P3B1 - The next song Mikael-san is writing will need two singers.
P3B2 - Therefore, she has been looking for another vocalist whose voice is on par with hers up until now.
Page 9

P1B1 - Please contact this address. We will arrange a meeting to discuss the details.
P1B2 - Eh? Um... Well...

P2B - Vocalie, what's your name?

P3B1 - Um...
P3B2 - Everyone calls me... Pochi...

P4B1 - Teehee
P4B2 - Pochi...

P5SFX - Steps
Page 10

SFX - Smooch!!
Page 11

P1B1 - I'm counting on you~nyoro!!☆
P1B2 - See ya♥

P2SFX - Slide
P3SFX - Cascade

P4B1 - What just happened...?
P4B2 - I'm not dreaming, am I?
P4SFX1 - Pinch
P4SFX2 - Stupefied...

P5B1 - Pochi, are you forming a band with that brat...?
Page 12

P1B1 - Eh
P1B2 - N-No way...
P1B3 - I... I mean...

P2B - It's okay. Just do whatever you like...
P3B - A... Ageha-chan...?

P4B1 - The guitar tune she played just now... was great...
P4B2 - I admit that just like she said...
P4B3 - It's better for you to join them
P4B4 - than to stay in this band...

P5B1 - Th...
P5B2 - That's not the point!!
Page 13

P1B1 - The reason I wanted to sing was because you were there with me...
P1B2 - And because I love your song... I wanted to sing it...

P3B1 - That's why... I mean...
P3B2 - I don't wanna be with those great people...

P4B1 - I wanna... stay here...
P4B2 - That's why... That's why...
P4SFX - Tears
Page 14

P2B - I'm sorry...

P3B1 - I'll head home for today.
P3B2 - A-Ageha-chan...!!

P4SFX - Slide!
P5SFX - Cascade
P6SFX - Sad...
Page 15

P1SFX - Pop

P2B1 - It can't be helped.
P2B2 - It'd be unbelievable if she wasn't hurt after being told so.

P3B - Kotori-chan...
P4B - Let's quietly leave her alone for now.

P5B2 - Okay...
P6SFX - King Kong...
Page 16

P1SFX - Noisy...
P2SFX - Step...

Page 17

P1B - No one is here, is it?
P1SFX - Look around

P2SFX - Open
P3SFX - Bite

P4B1 - Phew
P4B2 - It sure tastes great eating on the rooftop...

P5SFX - Take out
P6B - I'm here to scout!!

P7B1 - What a weird girl...
P7B2 - Professional debut, huh...
Page 18

P3SFX - Shake (x2)

P4B1 - To begin with, I'm a guy. I don't want people to find out that I've been singing while dressing up as a girl...
P4B2 - Plus...

P5B1 - Your singing voice...
P5B2 - is amazing!!
Page 19

P1B1 - I can be here as I am now is thanks to Ageha-chan...
P1B2 - I can't do something like betraying her...!!

P3SFX - Pull...
P5SFX - Whoosh...
P6B - Ah...
Page 20

P1SFX - Whoosh...

P2B1 - Okay.
P2B2 - This takes care of it!.

P3B - Hm?
P3SFX - Noisy

P4B1 - What could it be?
P4B2 - For a crowd to be there...
Page 21

P2B1 - I-It's Mike!!
P2B2 - She came again today...!! Why?!

P3Float - Huh?!

P4B1 - If she manages to find me with the name Pochi...
P4B2 - She'll find out that I'm a guy!!

P5SFX - Joyous screams
Page 22

P1B1 - Kyaah!! It's Mike!!
P1B2 - Why are you here?!
P1B3 - So cuuute!!♥
P1B4 - Give me a sign!!
P1SFX - Joyous screams

P3B1 - Nyaaahh!!
P3B2 - To hell with it!!

P4B1 - Eh?! No way!!
P4B2 - But that's cute!! Kyaaah♥

P5B1 - Where's Pochi~nyoro?
P5B2 - Pochi?
P5B3 - Who's that?

P6B1 - You have an idea?
P6B2 - Dunno man...
Page 23

P1B1 - By Pochi, you mean the one in my class?
P1B2 - You know her~nyo?!
P1B3 - Can you show me the way~nyoro?!

P2B - S-Sure, I don't mind, but what would you need such a boring dude for?
(lit: an inconspicuous dude, a dude with nothing that stands out)

P3B1 - Dude?
P3B2 - Hm? Yeah.

P4B1 - The dog of my class...
P4B2 - He doesn't stand out in class and doesn't talk at all!!
P4B3 - He listens to everything we tell him to, like a dog,
P4B4 - so everyone calls him Pochi!

P5B1 - That failure of a guy of all people...
P5B2 - Hm?

P6B - A guy?
P7B - Mikael!!
Page 24

P2B - Eh? Who's that?! So cute!!
P2SFX - Noisy...

P3SFX - Thump (x2)
P3B - To think I would... go out in public dressing like this...
Page 25

P1B1 - Pochi!!

P2B1 - Why didn't you contact me~nyoro?
P2B2 - I couldn't wait any longer, so I've come to pick you up~nyoro!!
P2B3 - Er, um... Your band, I don't think I...
P2B4 - I'm glad I get to see you~nyoo♥

P3B1 - Now! Let's go♪
P3SFX - Tug
P3B2 - Eh? To where...?

P6B1 - Hm...? Aren't they...
P6B2 - Pochi and... Mikael?
Page 26

P2SFX - Slam
P3SFX - Vrooom...

P4B1 - Why...
P4B2 - are those two...
Page 27

P1SFX - Grip...

P2B1 - So Pochi has...
P2B2 - decided to go to that brat's place...

P4SFX - Step
Page 28

P1B - Wh... Where are we heading to?!

P2B1 - Hehe♥ I'll show you♥
P2B2 - a nice place~nyo♥

P3SFX - Vrooom...
P3Diagonal - A bond being torn apart by force...
P3Bottom - To be continued in the next chapter on Nov 1
Page 29

Top: A love comedy about a MALE vocalist with a FEMININE voice♪
Right: On sale with great reviews♪
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