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Josei Danshi chapter 11

Finally got some free time after quitting my shitty job, so here's chapter 11 for you. I'll try to catch up asap.

Chapter 11 raw


Page 1

Josei Danshi
Kenmotsu Chiyo
11th: Leave it to me!!

P1B1: Let's make your voice...
P1Diagonal text: What could Kotori's secret plan be...?!
P1B2: be known by the whole world.
P1Bottom: Volume 1 is now on sale as a hot topic!!

P2B: Eh...?
Page 2

P1B1: Wh... What do you mean?
P1B2: Heh heh.

P2B1: Do you know a site on the Internet called Niponipo Douga?
P2B2: Y-Yeah...

P3B1: Day after day on this site, someone composes a piece of music and uploads it.
P3B2: And then someone who heard that music piece puts their voice over and uploads it.
P3B3: Such activities are being carried out everyday.

P4B: Didn't you also first meet Ageha thanks to this site, Pochi?

P5B1: Y-Yeah... But I (boku)... No, I (atashi) just put my voice over karaoke,
P5B2: recorded the stuff in a CD, and then uploaded it...
Page 3

P1B1: Heh, and yet it's amazing how your view count boosted.
P1B2: View count...?
P1B3: I-I deleted the video without confirming it properly...

P2B: Eh?

P3B1: I have no self-confidence...
P3B2: Someone even left a post saying I sounded 'gross' in that video...

P6B1: Well...
P6B2: If you ask me about what I wanna do...
Page 4

P1B1: Then the answer is that I wanna upload a video which captures your singing voice to the Internet...
P1SFX: Knock (x2)
P1B2: and gain a great deal of popularity!!

P2B: W-Will that... work out well...?
P3B: Tee-hee...

P4B1: That's why you'll be singing a popular song!!
P4B2: In other words, we'll be boosting our view count following the popularity of that song!!

P5B1: Well, actually it's best to rise to fame using our own songs...
P5B2: But I think it'll be tough to suddenly appear out of nowhere after all.
P5B3: Therefore, we're going to create a foundation and start from it!!
Page 5

P1B: A-Amazing, Kotori-chan! You sure are a thorough thinker!

P2B1: S-Still... my singing is...
P2B2: There again!! What are you saying?! Leave it to me!!

P3B: Okay then, would this song be okay for you?
P3SFX: Beep

P4B: Oh, I love that one.
P5SFX: Inhale
Page 6

P1SFX: Thrill

P2B1: And here she has only sung a little!
P2B2: This girl must be really amazing...

P4B1: She's so good at singing and so cute...
P4B2: Yet why does she appear to have so little confidence in herself?

P5B: Say...
Page 7

P1B: Eh?

P2B1: Pochi,
P2B2: are you hiding anything?

P3SFX: Thump
Page 8

P1B: Wh... Wh-Wha...

P2B1: It-It can't be...!! Did she find out that I'm a guy already?!
P2SFX: Thump (x2)
P2B2: What did I do?! Did I say or do something weird...?!

P3SFX: Thump (x2)

P4B1: Did something unpleasant...
P4B2: happen to you long ago...?

P5B: Huh?
Page 9

P1B: I mean, you've always been seeming... to have very little confidence in yourself... as if you mean you aren't good enough...

P3B: What's with your voice?! It's gross.
P4B: Gyahahaha...!! Gyahahahahaha...

P7B: Nothing...
Page 10

P1B1: There's no such things...
P1B2: that happened to me!

P2SFX: Miin (x2)
P3SFX: Miin (x2)

P4Sign: Light music club
P5B: It's tooo hot...
Page 11

P2B1: I'm dying...
P2B2: Hey, Tsubasa...

P3B: What are you doing?
P4B: It's chilly... over here...
P5SFX: Slide
Page 12

P1B1: U...
P1B2: Um...

P2B1: Pochi,
P2B2: 'sup.

P3B1: What?
P3B2: Everyone is slacking off?

P4B1: Ah,
P4B2: Kotori.

P5B1: What have you been doing all this time, taking Pochi with you like that?!
P5B2: My my... I'll be showing it to you pretty soon...
Page 13

P1B1: First thing, why don't we practice some songs for today?
P1B2: Like Summer Fireworks or Ocean Dream...

P2B: Songs... with a... summer feeling...!!

P3B1: Great.
P3B2: I love that song♪

P4B1: Yeaah, a summer song in summer
P4B2: might be a good idea. Even the heat is likely to disappear in a flash...!!

P5SFX- Smirk
Page 16

P2SFX: Bite

P3B1: Ahhh!! That was fun!!
P3B2: It's so fun when we play music!!

P4B: Hehe, it was really fun, wasn't it?
P4SFX: Nod
Page 17

P1B1: Hey,
P1B2: let's hold a concert.

P2B: Eh?! You mean the mentioned event?

P3B1: Nah, screening will take place for an appearance in that concert, so we all want to gain lots of experience in order to aim for it, don't we?
P3B2: Incidentally, there's a place in my hometown that is likely to let us perform.

P4B1: R-Really?! I'll do it!!
P4B2: I'll surely do it!!

P5B1: Okay, everyone?!
P5B2: Eh? Y-Yeah...
P5SFX: Nod
Page 18

P1B1: Yaaay!!
P1SFX: Hop
P1B2: Our first concert!!

P2B1: Gotta give girls plenty of greetings!!
P2B2: Our songs are made by girls and for girls after all!!

P3B1: The first step of the band "Sora"!!
P3B2: We'll be standing among many girls
P3B3: and have them listen to the songs I composed!!
Page 19

P1B: And then the girls will gain courage and energy...
P2B: At times, some of them will feel heartrending and shed tears...

P3B1: Oh my!!
P3B2: I can't wait for it!!

P4SFX: Smirk
P6B1: Kyah kyah
Page 20

P1SFX: Kyah (x2)
P1B: A concert, huh...

P2B1: I-I'm scared... of singing in public...
P2B2: But Ageha-chan seems so happy about it...

P3SFX: Glance...

P4B1: The song I sang yesterday is probably uploaded to the Internet by now...
P4B2: I wonder how the comments are like...

P5B: If they turn out to be full of bashing...
Page 21

P1B1: This is awful...!!
P1B2: I can't show you, Pochi...

P2B1: If that's the case...
P2B2: What should I do then?!

P3SFX1: Tremble (x2)
P3SFX2: Shiver (x2)
Page 22

P1SFX1: Drum (x2)
P1SFX2: Bustle (x2)

P2SFX: Bustle (x2)
P3SFX: Kyah (x2)
P5F: Ahaha
Page 23

P1SFX: Frown

P2B: These are visitors...?
P2SFX: Flirt (x2)

P3SFX: Gyah (x2)
P3B: My songs are made for girls...

P4B1: What are you grumbling about?
P4B2: It's our first concert, you know.

P5Signs: Hatoda Town Neighborhood Association
P5B: Heave-ho.

P6Signs: Hatoda Town Neighborhood Association
Page 24

P1Right: ・How will their unforeseen first concert turn out like?
P1Sign: Hatoda Town Neighborhood Association's Refreshing Festival
P1SFX1: Noisy (x2)
P1SFX2: Bustle (x2)

P3B1: It's totally different
P3B2: from what I was thinking!!
P3Signs (from right to left)
- Hatoda Town Neighborhood Association
- Frankfurter
- Goldfish
- Chocolate banana
- Grilled chicken
P3Bottom: To be continued on September 20th
Page 25

Top: A love comedy about a MALE vocalist with a FEMININE voice♪
Right: Now on popular sale♪
Bottom: You can purchase this comic book at a nearby bookstore or from the following sites.

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